B-Movie Entry: Luciano Prata


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Hi everyone! it is my first participation in the cg challenges, previously i participated in the “uplift universe” challenge, but my entry it was a illustration wich accidentaly i had, and fit with the topic, so not count.

This time, my intention is accomplish every part of the production process.
I already have the main idea in mind, and soon you will see the first steps of this project.

I hope finish and i hope your feedback!

Good luck for all!



A concept of a vehicle, i´m not sure of this yet, the idea is a reminiscence of “Styling” design movement, with a ridiculous front piece.

Sorry for my english…


Searching for mental visalization…


Very cool! Good luck!


Thanks Daliakb!

Currently i´m conceptualizing an idea…I hope it appears soon.

Greetings and good luck!


A lot of visuals references.


Searching for atmospheric lunar.


The four main characters.




I like the vehicle design. But the characters look too low poly. You could add some details.

Nice progress. Good luck!


Yeah, i will increase the poly count, so the vehicle i´m not sure too, i think must be more classic design like a rocket.


Characters clothing.


Old Rocket.


Lo-Fi -Backgorund.

I try to recreate these paints made with the aerographic technic, is a good lo-fi visual style.
Sometimes in my town, in the square, i seen the guy with the aerosol, painting in a minutes landscapes and space scenes.


Testing elements.


cool design on the flying car spacecraft thing. very fresh and toony in a good way.


Thanks Andreasng ! I’m not sure that … because I did it when the story was not finished, and now has been a bit outside.



I like the direction for your video. I’m young but I remember that show…loved the style then and I love it now!


Wip of my monster