B-Movie Entry: Kory Heinzen


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Monster progress


Here is my initial sketch.
and bad photo/scan.
gotta love the iphone for being helpful
when my scanner is being difficult!

It will be poster design for a totally amazing b-movie from Japan.(excuse fake text for now)
it is called
Super Monster Alien Robot Team GO!
I am planning on doing it in sculpted paper cut out style.
And if that’s not crazy enough, then photographing it with a 3D camera for your stereo viewing pleasure!
for now I just need to finalize the design.


LOL! I love that film title. Great start. It’s really good to see you entered, Kory


here is a more refined version of the sketch.
next I’ll do some more research and do some character design.
and then really start planning out how I will do this for real!

anyone who speaks and writes Japanese is more than welcome to help with the Kanji.
I used a dictionary, but you never know.


great to see you in Kory! Lovely work, but hey, don´t insult people around with your japanese writing LOL :slight_smile: Good luck!


Wonderful start - good to see you in. Now, GO!!


cool to see you in kory.
great start.
really like your work. hmm… it’s been ages since i last so any from you. hehe
well, good luck and have fun.



:wavey: Hi KoryH, have fun man. Subscribed.


I think you said things about our mothers…
Very dangerous to do a title in a foreign language that you don’t know a word !


Looks really good so far. I’m really interested in the sculpted paper cut out style you mentioned, it should make it stand out from the crowd.


thanks everyone.
it should be fun so be sure to visit often.
I plan on updating regularly.

See ya soon!


cool work. nice layout


I am working on some character stuff.
This weekend I am planning a trip to the craft store.

see ya soon.


Nice work looking forward to seeing more.


thanks Lucas
me too.


Nice to see you in the challenge Kory. :smiley:
I really like your concept. Looking forward to see it come to live.



YEAAAH! one of my favourite artist ever is in!!!
I loved your past challenges you know! happy to see you here and also you got time to close the callenge…as a great pro. u must be busy i fear!


Hey everyone!
long time no see.
I’m still going.
here is some progress on my monster character.
Most of the work I have been doing has been off the computer, so I just took a picture of a half built monster.
I’ll post my plans next in order to show how I might build the final display.

see ya soon!


holy crap this is great!


I’m trying to keep it fun
and challenging.