B-Movie Entry: Konstantinos Kakarountas


Thanks Staszek.Its true that all of us need congratulations and believe me it was the best thing i have ever done to proof to myshelf how productive i can be…All we have make excellent pieces of art…


very cool entry dude :slight_smile: when i saw the final video my first words was “that alL ? , i want to see more !”

keep going , and making good stuff :slight_smile: congrats on finishing in only one month :slight_smile:


Thanks for your good words Beuda.Its true that i had to make more but at the time i was very
pressed from the work and from the challenge.But it was a very good experience…


Hey dude, I really enjoyed your work. Very good result and really got the spirit of the challenge


Great stuff.
My top 3 picks
B-Movie Entry: Staszek Marek
B-Movie Entry: Konstantinos Kakarountas
B-Movie Entry: Andrea Femerstrand


Guys sorry for not writing sooner but i have alot of work theses days…

TechnoWizard thanks a lot man for your good comments…

raytracer2k7 thanks for your 3 top picks but i really believe that all the artists have won
in this challenge.But really thanks and i mery gladful that you like a lot my work.

Hope to hear and other comments too…


Well i really enjoyed it! I have watched the progression of the movie from the start, really like your work! Very Fast and Great Work!!!
Keep it up! :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:


Thanks a lot iGreg for your comments.I appreciate that.
All the guys here at this CG-Challenge they have given their best and we have make very good works.I have to admit that it was the best thing i have ever done, to complete something and to participate and show to the CGSociety of what im capable to do in a very short time.
‘‘The best thing is the participation and not the victory’’…
Cheers and good luck to everyone.


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