B-Movie Entry: Konstantinos Kakarountas


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D

I m working in the shot 6 and i m doing dynamics and also some pyrotechnics work.I m thinking to add
also some buildings that fallen and some debris.I m going to make some tests.Enjoy my first test…


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D

I work a lot these days having some projects to do. So i didnt work too much as i wanted.But today i make a first test for showing to the forum.No much time to add fallen buildings and to tell the truth the
shot has many problems.So here it is.Wait to hear
some comments…

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Software: Lightwave 3D

I have almost finished the shot 5…Here a still…


Software: Lightwave 3D

Here a draft video with all the work i have just finished but without the corrected plans.Lot of work
and lot of nights but it worth it.Wait to hear comments…

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Software: Lightwave 3D

New Plan guys and i work on it.Not finished yet…


Software: Lightwave 3D

After the 3d tracking and the photogrammetery
i have added the basic movement of the robot and also two airplanes from the earth defense…

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Software: Lightwave 3D

Here an update of the shot 7…more to come…

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Software: Lightwave 3D

I have finished the trailer.I m not happy because i dont finished shots that i wanted but for 1 month work i m very excited.So here the video in not good quality and today i m gonna make the making of…

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hey drako3d

impresive like for month of work

realy cool

and very cool music and sounds!


Brilliant! :applause:


Looks cool!
If there’s a chance to improve something in audio I’d work on the last sentance. It sounds cut in the middle.
Good luck!


thanks guys hopefully i finish it in the 65% but it lacks of good animation.
It lacks also that i didnt show my principle character.The “creature” inside the
robot.A giant baby that controls the robot.Tribute for my new born baby…
Now i make the making of clip…


Very nice work! Indeed you cach the B-Movie feel!
Best to you!:slight_smile:


thanks a lot adib.Tomorrow i m gonna upload the final version.


soon the final video…


Software: Vue

I finish it finally…
Total work 1 month and 4 days…

I think that all the artists that participate are the winners…

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The Challenge has finished.Very good experience…Congratulations to everyone…


Same words to you drako3d! Good days behind and better ones ahead:)


Thanks a lot Anton…I wish the same things to you man…


yeah exacly all did a lot of work… probably most of us spent many nights on computers… not on party :slight_smile: or with wife , or anything cool what ‘normal’ people do :slight_smile:

You mentioned you spent only month on it - but very productive month, and result is realy cool!

Good luck!