B-Movie Entry: Konstantinos Kakarountas


For the film-grain effect the grain comes from fusion and the scratches and the dust things comes from old footages i have from negative filmscratches.The color you can make it saturated in every good compositing software.
For the movement of the leaves i use a free plugin for Lightwave called FI’s Flabby from Fujio Ichikawa
you can find it here
For the road the trick is simple.Image mattepainted in photoshop then projected as camera mapping in the surface you want , then bake it, normal displacement and then you have the result.
Thanks a lot about your good words.


Software: Lightwave 3D

I work on the shot 3b.Difficult shot with character so this is my first animatic and testing the skin shader of him.The animation is not finished.

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very impressive! jugging on what i saw your story will look exelent.
And as I can tell you’re not sleeping much lately :slight_smile:

good job!


thanks anton
its true imagine that i have 3 weeks holidays and i work as a madman to
finish in time.Thats why i have alot of problems as you see but i continue to setup the scenes and check them after for final render etc.I have to finish tomorrow the leg of the robot and continue the animation of the character.The images of the Robot-main character coming soon.
Thanks man i have to sleep now.See ya tomorrow.


Looking good… Keep 'em coming…



Software: Lightwave 3D

This is an image of the shot 3b.I test the skin shader
of the character and as i work on it in the background i render the hair.


very good…


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D

Here is the 90% finished Plan3b as the Robot coming to crash the car.

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Software: Lightwave 3D

This is the main shape of the robot.I work also in some other stuff-details of the robot.So im in stage of modelling for now…


Software: Lightwave 3D

This is an animatic for the plan 3c just to see the timing.I mworking on it …Just making dynamics and some glasses crashing away, and also in the road i make some cracks…

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Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D,Photoshop,Quidam,Vue

I ve just finished the plan 3 today so i upload it and i continue to the other plans…

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Great work! I’ll keep an eye on it for more.


thanks phil.I prepare some new plans so keep in touch.


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D

I have to change the plan 4 and 5 during the production.The problem is that i dont have enough time.So this is an image of the plan 4.I m in the compositing progress so stay tune…


Drako3D that’s very nice. I really like your work. I am anxious to see the final result.


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D

The plan 4 is ready so i have to continue to work and to correct also other past plans.

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hi drako you progressing really fast, good tempo.
about the shot 4, it seemed to me that shake was too constant. you could try animating it so that it would sync with the robot steps or falling down buildings, what do you think?!
and may be you could add some explosions where the robot fires his laser? - then you’ll get the cause and effect thing.
cool environment thow!

and the last thing if you add an other robot in the foreground marching between the building it will give you like +100% effect

good work


hi anton
i have make key animation in the shake of the film-projector.I m going to see it.Maybe some explosions could make a good atmosphere but i m thinking also the other shot and i wanted to show it in the other plan.
I m not sure even now.For telling you the truth i have rendered also the explosions.Remember
the plan 4 is going to be cuted in the montage so from the 7 seconds maybe we are going to see 4 sec.
For the last thing you wrote me i know that it will give a very good effect a robot in front but in my story is about one robot and not two.But thanks anyway.My problem also is the quality of the FLV from RivaEncoder.I dont find it very good encoder.I have to see it.
Thanks a lot about your comments man…


Great work Konstantine. A couple of suggestions, in the shot with the human the animation seems a bit even, and he doesn’t move his body (shoulders) at all, and on the shot with the car, I suggest bringing down the roof of the car first before the body of the car, I think now it scales all at once and feels a bit cartoony.

It looks really nice, I like the vintage feel but the visuals are spectacular. Best of luck with the competition.


Oresti thanks a lot man .For the character its true that i didnt work enough on him and other
friends tell me the same.I m going to work on him as soon as possible.For the car i like the
anim as the car scaled down for about 4 frames because i like the b-movies that they dont have
state of the art visual effects.I also like to immitate miniatures.In this shot i think that works fine.
Thanks for your good words i appreciate this.I hope you continue to see my progress.

PS.Na sai kala kai perimeno kainourgious stoxasmous kai skepseis.Efcharisto poli.