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Latest Update: Finished Video: IT CAME FROM NOWHERE FINAL


I start to upload images from my film.This is an image from the first shot.


Software: Lightwave 3D

Previsualization Tanks…


Software: Lightwave 3D,Vue

This is an image from the second shot that i work.
Still in progress…


This is a previz from the scene i work right now…
Software: Lightwave 3D

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A giant biomechanoid robot comes to earth and destroys everything.
What is it?No one knows…For sure this thing it came from nowhere.

Plan 1
A comet travels the space with destination the earth.
Plan 2
The comet hits the earth near a forest.
Plan 3
The leg of the giant robot crashes a car near the forest.All starts
Plan 4
TV screen Newscaster speak about the giant robot in the news.
Plan 5
Reporter speak about the damages and the camera show it to us.First
Plan 6
The army starts to hit it with tanks and airplanes.
Plan 7
Soldiers run as the giant robot destroys everything.
Plan 8
Suddenly the robot stops.
Plan 9
Everyone looks up with a big wonder.
Plan 10
A mech-door opens in the robot.
Plan 11
Inside a giant baby looks the camera with anger.
Plan 12


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D,Vue

I have finished the shot 2 finally.

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Hey darko, I lke that you use diffuse alot and make the rest in post - that is the way to go :slight_smile:
Your shot2 looks ok, exept for the…

  • mountains does look like a macro stone
  • camera feels like you’re on a boat with your girlfriend ,)
  • and the moon looks like it’s an egg :slight_smile:

btw noise and hair is not an attributes of a b-movie but a bad film scan. I don’t understand why so many people trying to give a b-movie meening throw noise :slight_smile:

hope that was of any help to you!


digibox…(when you write try to write correctly the name of the other artist.)
first of all thanks about your notes.
-the mountains are not mountains but rock hills.Maybe i cover you about that.
-the camera has a motion tracked by real camera in hand but not in a boat but in my home.The render in the post is flickering as i wanted to be to give the ‘‘beauty’’ of a bad film scan.Flicker of the projector etc.
-The moon is like an egg because i convert anamorphic 16:9 to 4:3.So thats why this stretch.
Yes i have to admit it was wrong to upload it like that.
The final is not like this.

About B-Movies , im a fan of american b movies of 50 and if you see the original versions were in bad copies thats why they named them b-movies.Second class movies because of bad quality copies.
So i try to make my own in the atmosphere of 50s.About what they do the others artists is their choice man so be polite about their choice.If you dont agree with the noise render contact the administrator and dont tell it to me.

PS.I dont have a girlfriend,and i dont have a boat.Im just a happy married man with a new born baby
and i m trying to make this movie as tribute to my baby,and not to win .Its my first time to participate in a cgchallenge so maybe i m not good with the words…

I like a lot your reel and i don t wanted to be rude but i m a professional for 10 years in VFX and when i take a choice about the render i know as an artist why i take it.Yes i understand that the grain
sometimes is very “easyway” but believe me i have my purposes.
Thanks again about your comments.


hi drako, don’t be offended by my comments - no harm intended. About miss spelling it was 3-4 in the morning when I wrote that human error :slight_smile:

about girlfrind and stuff - just tryed to make a point. If you tracked hand held camera at home this will be a whole diffirent look in the woods with crane, but see for yourself :slight_smile:

good luck with the challange!
and congrats with the baby(here in FrostFX my good friend is also about to be a father, in july) .



my exuses for my bad ego.I have to say that your comments were very usefull and when i go to
work the shot 2 i m going to seee if it works without the hand held camera.Maybe you have right
and i want to hear comments from you when i upload the new video.

But believe me im very stressed because i think that im not going to finish in time.
I see very good work that you make there at FROSTFX.Tell to your friend a big bravo from me
and congrats for his new baby thats coming.
I wait for your new comments and please accept my excuses.
Thanks man.


Oh, it’s ok. We all here under great deal of stress :slight_smile: I’m still animating my previz(about a month all ready) and begin rendring and compositing in aprill. Working every day from 6 PM till 2-3 AM and in daytime doing studio works is hard. Artist has to be very very highly motivated to do so.
Thank you for kind words about our work, we are very proud to represent estonian CGI :slight_smile: I’ve seen your work to and must say it’s very good. Some stuff like composit for films is your strongest side I think.
And getting second opinion at work is a good idea :slight_smile:

all the best :slight_smile:


thanks man and i feel that i have a friend from estonia that support my work here and give me some
good advices to continue.I work the morning in GRAAL the best VFX studio for cinema here in Athens and i work as freelancer too in my home.I participate but believe me 3d with a crying baby is hard.I dont know which are my strong skills but 3d and composition for me is one.
I wait to see your previz also…
today i m gonna upload some stuff,allthough i modelling the robot and i have some problems with the form of it so i scetch again and again.I also filmed some plans because i have mixed shots with 3d and real plans.
i wait your comments and be tough…


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D,Vue

shot 2 without hand held camera animation.

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I really like the look your going for it really gives that 50s b-movie look,


wayofthepixel thanks alot about your comments.Thats the atmosphere that i was looking to get with my film.Now i m working in the modelling of the robot.


Software: Digital Fusion,Lightwave 3D,Vue

This is a video showing the progress of the shot 3.

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environment look very good, mooving leafs in every shot - nice!:slight_smile: mix between asphalt and offroad looks unbelievably natural - if that’s texture?!
but as usual i wouldn’t write if I couldn’t suggest some fixes for you drako3d.
It seems like car doesn’t have occluded areas around wheels and shadow over all could be darker and more soft maybe?! reflections on the wind glass could be darker or more detailed?

in shot 3 you had a robot, how is the progress on that?

aah and of course it would be super cool if cars lights would have more detail in it’s inner reflections or some flares(found one nice example here - http://carpefactum.typepad.com/photos/uncategorized/2007/10/03/headlights.jpg )

good job and good luck!


digiboxoffice thanks for your comments
Its true i didn t make an AO pass for the car.Its sure i have to do more believable the shadows and the reflections in the car,maybe and some dirt or scratches.In shot 3c i have a robot thats true,
but we are gonna see only the leg in this shot that crashes the car.
the robot is in progress and i m gonna upload soon some wip images.
i have to detailed more this shot and render it correctly but i m in hurry because of the shot 3b.
In the shot 3b i have a 3d character the driver of the car.Its a close up in the window of the car
showing the man looking the robot.
Late at night today i have to make the corrections also.
Thanks digiboxoffice.


That shot look very good. Indeed the place where the asphalt turns into grass. no unseemly seams in sight, and very natural movement on the leaves.

I was also considering adding some film-grain and damaged-film-lines in post. Can I ask what you used to achieve this look?
(I was thinking about making the colors very saturated, for my movie, like those Vietnam-war footage pictures)