B-Movie Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


JaJAJAJ great! very funny! good work!, the animation is the best i love it, the character design, the graphic design and the concept, all looks great, in my short also make a subtle reference to smoking, was very common to see people smoking at that time on screen, was a symbol of seriously, masculinity or something.
Very good work guys, congratulations!

Good luck!


Smoking gets the girls!


smoking nearly got me dumped by girlfriend the other day when i was chought red handed playing heavy rain with a fresh box of cigs and no concept of time…but then again most girls are fools for guys cool enough to smoke. lol


What’s heavy rain? By-the-by, Joe Camel sits heavily on my back


heavy rain is a slick game for the ps3, great graphics great story…despite all the plot holes. well worth a look, although id suggest renting as its quite short.


whens the next competition coming up, i really enjoyed working on thins one and looking at the enteries


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