B-Movie Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


This was just amazing!!! Even if you publish it in this form it would surely be in top 5.



Its great getting the animatic finally up, looking forward now to getting into the animation


thanks guys, glad you enjoyed the animatic.
now we have to somehow get this thing done on time…time to bring out the strong coffee and the cattle prod!


No sleep for anyone anymore!


Animation starts this week!! happy days!!!


Aghhhhh I just realised we have less than a month left to get this finished!!! Ahhhhhhhhhh


I feel your pain. Though I think I’m 90% done, there are so many tweaks and incompletes I have to deal with, the deadline looms like a suffocating cloud. I wish everyone the best, especially Kevin and crew, since I’m cluttering their thread with my rant.


ohhh man…we really need to get our collective fingers out and get this done!
keep it cool lads we can do it…i hope!

this is our man in a suit alien character…still have loads of characters left to do but most of them are very simple tweaked versions of our main hero character “the presenter”. this alien was the most different of them.


This is the dreaded killer carrot from our opening scene. have a look at the animatic to see what he gets up to!


ahhh the pressure is on now, time for us all to say good bye to our girlfirends and playstations for the next few weeks


its friday night and im working!! on animation, can anyone suggest a good lip sync plugin for xsi??


this is a rough idea of the look we are going for…really wish we had more time!!!
id like to say a well done to the lads im working on with this, this is our first 3d project with me being the only one with 3d experience before we jumped into the deep end with b-movie. I have been teaching the lads as we go and also learning a lot from them. so we have learned a lot on the way through this and made a lot of mistakes as well. its hard to learn a software this way but we wouldn’t have it any other way.


still a wip, but just getting a rough idea of how our thing will look.
this is our killer carrot.


youd have better luck asking a question like this in the softimage section of the main forum…now get back and use the shape manager i spent all day setting up!!! lol


Software: XSI

a first pass of animation.
we are doing some fixs now, who knows if we will have time to polish it off how we want it.

Play Video >>


Cant wait to see this finished!


Animation nearly all done time to start the finished renders soon


This is really starting to look good. cant wait to see it finished.


Renders looking class!


30 second version of trailer for initial judging. Followed by a maximum of 90 sec making of material, followed by full length Video

Can anyone tell me if this is all to be one long vid or do we post seperatly? also if it is one long vid dose it have to be in that order?