B-Movie Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


hey guys
im liking the mood style you guys are creating for the different shots, and I also agree with your comment about having a good pre-production base to go off from so as not to waste time on creating things that will not be seen in the final animation, we are also putting this into practice as our workflow for the candy corn zombies


I like the style of the character and the mood of the previz too.
Good job guys :wink:


thanks for the comments guys, really appreciate it.


this is starting to get close to the look we want for the matte painting.
we want it to feel like a painting and not like a ultra real matte painting we are used to seeing on this forum, the style is in keeping with the rest of our film and we are happy with the composition. Stephen has been working on this on and off using photoshop, a few more tweaks are needed before Dale will sign off on it but what you see here is very close to the final image.

any comments on the style or composition?


Concept is growing on the positive side…
It’s getting better and better…
Just great…I couldn’t imagine a scene with just black and white tones to be superb like that
good work!!


final render of our farm shot.


thanks for the support chino, hope you like the new version of the farm.


final concept for the layout and style of the kitchen, this is being built up in xsi now.
we have 100% decided that we will be going with a black and white look with grain added in post.


This is the car modle for our makeout point set, Im working on the inside now but would have loved more time on the actual exterior but time is a slipping!
maybe ill get a chance to go back to it after the comp is over.


just a quick note for anyone interested, our sound is being recorded now and soon we can pop up our animatic when it is cut to the sound so yous can get a better idea of what our film is about.


I like the car model, very stylish. Cant wait to see that animatic.


this is our main character, hes the slick presenter of our film.
sound is also recorded so stay tuned to see our animatic in the next few days.


this is a advertisement poster that goes breaks up each scene in our short, hang on for the animatic that will be posted up soon for a better idea of how this works.


our bug eyed alien ship design.


anyone care to share how to upload vids for the challenge?
feel really stupid asking!


http://features.cgsociety.org/challenge/b-movie/submit_entry.php , look for Challenge Uploader


thanks man…i knew i had seen it befor but god im just to much of a scater brain!

thanks again, animatic coming soonish.


ohh and now that our working day is over id like to take the opportunity to wish yous all a very happy st Patrick’s day(that’s tomorrow)
don’t expect to many updates from us until the weekend as we will be off celebrating in the typical Irish fashion!!


Software: Flash

this is the animatic/storyboard we are working from at the moment, the dialogue is added but we are working on the sound track as well.
hopefully this will make things come across better.

what do yous think?

Play Video >>


Great story! Very good ideea.Looks one of a kind entry!Best to you guys!