B-Movie Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


woohoo! our first poster, you win a gold star from the team :slight_smile:
thanks for the reply…I know it can be quite demoralising to get absolutely zero feedback but we soldier on as im sure you will. pop a link to your bmovie on your signature or in this tread and and ill be right over to post some crits and comments on your progress.
thanks again.


all the good stuff startin to get up at last! cant wait to see 3d characters and bgs!


Ok. Link’s in the siggy. Did we talk during the Secret Agent Challenge (which I didn’t complete)? I had just returned from Ireland when it began and I’m gettin’ deja vu. I’m excited to see cheesy 50’s guy come to life, by-the-by.


some more prop renders for the kitchen.
any crits or comments?


this is a concept and mood shot for the makeout point.


lovin the idea.
i wonder could you twister the idea of Pesticedes vs Organic, just a taught


this is more or less the framing we will use for the basement scene, the family will be right in the center of the shot.


This style is harder to nail than most give it credit for.

You guys are definately nailing it! :slight_smile:

The fridge, toaster oven, radio etc are all looking cool. I’m also interested in the main character and can imagine him already.

I don’t envy the judges of this comp :slight_smile:


thanks a million for your kind words, we have being doing a hell of a lot of concept and design work so that we can get the style we want to translate properly into 3d. as mostly a flash and 2d group this is our first real excursion into a 3d project together and is going to be a real learning experience for all of us.

my thoughts are that if we can nail the concept and style on paper we have an easier time translating it to 3d.

wish us luck :wink:


For a 2d group, your 3d is impeccable. The appliances look like they could come to life they have so much character. Your work ethic when it comes to pre-production is also admirable. I have seen that a lot around this forum. I kinda wish I didn’t jump into production so fast. It kinda feels like I’ve gone too far in some areas to turn back, but I just might. The Secret Agent challenge may have scared me into rushing. We’ll see.


hey thanks for the comments, the pre production is very important to us. we have very little time (jugaling this with other jobs is very very hard)so we want to know exactly what we need and dont need to keep the workload down.

I think i should clarify about the 3d, the models so far have been done by me and i have to make it clear that i have a good bit of experience in 3d, the other 2 guys are 2d guys and we are using this project as a learning experience so we can all learn each others trade so to speak. dale is working hard at modeling some props right now and Stephen will follow soon.
as soon as all the preproduction is cleared up we will all be pitching in on the 3d production.

3d is an area we want to branch out to, and what better way to learn than to be poped into pot while its boiling!


Heyya.:slight_smile: Thanks for dropping by to our (gray wolf 2) page and im glad you like the work :). I have to say i really like your angles and the warped perspective you put into your work…it has a very strong cartoony vibe which im diggin…looking foward to seeing more:) all the best 2 u.


holly hell strider008…that apple is scary as f**k!
good idea on the pesticides idea, ill run it past the lads!


Very well orginesed progress. It’s nice to see how well it’s going so far. I like concepts a lot and models are very well done. When it will come together into animation will be cool to watch!

Looking forward to see more … :smiley:


nice one tom, ye we are following the steps and actualy having concept art for all of our props and so on…imagine that!? imagine how much that would have saved our asses back in the day!


this is a concept sketch for the farm set.
this will be a matte painting that will be made to look like it is painted on boards in the background as if it is shot in a stage, this will be to save us time and modeling and also we believe it will give it a real B-movie look. we want it to look intentionally bad…but good because of it :stuck_out_tongue:


I like the way you handle the preproduction, this looks promising !
I particularly appreciated the last entry, strong atomsphere like a good old 50’s matepainting! :slight_smile:

Best regards,


thanks for the kind words ryo.
we are going to be putting that matte painting up on 3d boards that will be deliberately made to look like a cheap wooden sets, we hope this will be considered for the matte painting section of the competition.
this is also a method we will be using on the make out point set as well.


first wip of the farm matte painting.
ill post up updates as they come.
any feedback?


another step in the matte painting for the farm scene, this is a really quick shot that our mutated carrot pops up in.