B-Movie Entry: Kevin Mc Bride


Freakin hilarious. Congrats Kevin and team on an excellent piece and on finishing in time. Where’d ya get the voice-over guy? He was perfect! hats off (and I normally wear a hat) to the team. I’m currently smoking a Camel, eating a steak and drinkin’ an MGD. If your movie taught me anything, I’m invincible!


Hi everyone, we have a bit of a problem in that we posted up our “final videos” but in our rush to get it done we put up a version that is missing a page of credits. Is there a way to overwrite the version we posted or will it be ok to just edit the previous posts title and upload a new final film posting?


I read somewhere in the rules that you can upload your “final” video as many times as you want til the deadline. The last one uploaded will be considered the final. I’ll try to find the quote.


Here’s where i saw that in the FAQ:



ahh fair play to you lunar, thanks a million. and congrats to you for all your hard work on your piece, looks great and a hell of a lot of fun!


finished video with the amended credits.

Play Video >>


Great! Very funny!:slight_smile:


Great work lads! You nailed the retro feel. I ignored the CG background of it. The voice over is stunning. I wish to have someone with this sound around my friends here in Slovakia. Good luck :beer: (they still didn’t made the dark pints)


Thanks Guys,

Does anyone know when the results are out?


thanks everyone for the kind words! and youl have to come over here to dublin to have a propper pint of the plack stuff!! its like the gods themselves come down and brew it for us!! haha


this is great !
i want to join SMARM !


haha, we are all members of SARM here, smoking drinking and eating steak has got us through this project!


It is not that unreal to manage. I spent around one year in Dublin and I am usually back for few days once a year. Let’s say I know what’s like propper pint taste, unless they gave me all waterized :smiley:


JaJAJAJ great! very funny! good work!, the animation is the best i love it, the character design, the graphic design and the concept, all looks great, in my short also make a subtle reference to smoking, was very common to see people smoking at that time on screen, was a symbol of seriously, masculinity or something.
Very good work guys, congratulations!

Good luck!


Smoking gets the girls!


smoking nearly got me dumped by girlfriend the other day when i was chought red handed playing heavy rain with a fresh box of cigs and no concept of time…but then again most girls are fools for guys cool enough to smoke. lol


What’s heavy rain? By-the-by, Joe Camel sits heavily on my back


heavy rain is a slick game for the ps3, great graphics great story…despite all the plot holes. well worth a look, although id suggest renting as its quite short.


whens the next competition coming up, i really enjoyed working on thins one and looking at the enteries


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