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Latest Update: Finished Video: finished video…this time for real!


Here we go again…lets try to finish this one.
Team Entry.

  We are currently trashing out some ideas for our story.
    We do have one that we are starting to favor but ill post up our thought process on the best ideas we have.
  Team members as we stand:
  opentarget(that's me) Kevin Mc Bride.
  Producer of sorts and general workhorse.
   twodassassin, Dale Robinson
  Director of the short and general boss man, also a workhorse
  wayofthepixel, Stephen Fagan
  Mediator between me and dale :P and another workhorse.

darmoor, Daryl Moorhouse.
Sound, Music and Audio Mix


yes I am a horse that likes to work. and draw and write and animate


well we have settled on an idea…here is a few that were close but no cigar:
Mad botanist works on a serum that has made his test crops flourish…but he is working on a way to adapt it to save the life of his dieing wife who is suffering from a fatal disease…with horrifying consequences!

  a tribute to 2001 and Orson wells war of the worlds broadcast...a strange door appears one morning at the top of a hill in rural America, the press quickly blow it out of proportions and cause wide spread panic and mass evacuation as the  US space agency ready a heroic scientist to pass through....the door from another dimension!!
  man fights off a hoard of monsters saving his damsel in distress wife in the process....only to be berated when she sees the state of the house after the battle....our hero must then clean up the bloodied mucus filled mess he has created.
  these are some of the ideas we had...but we really never felt we had the idea that we all wanted to make.
  how could we come up with an idea that we would all love and be passionate about?
  well i wanted mutated mad vegetables and plants.
  dale wanted space aliens from another dimension invading our little blue planet.
  Steven wanted monsters and zombies terrorizing some poor family.
  a lot of ideas and the full range of b-movie monsters in one move? without appearing packed and stupid(aside from the obvious b-movie stupidity that is) its seams like an impossible task...but we think we have it.
  "UNTITLED" ....duhhh duhhhhhh duuuuuuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnn!
  when we have a name we will let you know.
  but stay tuned for our synopsis and screen play very very soon!



An educational infomercial Brought to you by the The federation of Smoking, Alcohol and Red meat.

“with zombies terrorizing our suburban neighbourhoods, Mutant killer vegetables a scourge on our beautiful farmland country side and bug eyed aliens probing and experimenting on our youngsters you might be forgiven to think that all hope is lost…but not so. With the every day use of our products the S.A.R.M can guarantee your loved ones will be safe from the horrors of the modern world.”

Our film is based around the idea of a super low budget tv infomercial aimed at selling products that everyone knows to be bad and negative to our health as a solution to fighting off a full roster of classic B-movie monsters and villains.


Treehouse Republic
Treehouse Republic 2010

A man is sitting down at a table about to start eating a plate of vegetables.
Hey you

The man looks up at the camera.
Don’t you know that vegetables can kill you?

The man looks shocked and shakes his head. The narrator enters, he’s a cheesy 50’s man in a tuxedo with slicked hair, a pencil mustache and is smoking a cigarette.
Its true. In these modern times of nuclear power there is a very good
chance of a turnip mutating into a human killing machine.

A man in a cheap mutated turnip costume cheaply climbs out of a hole. A nearby farmer reacts in
horror as the camera zooms in on his face.


But how could I stop a vegetable from eating me I hear you cry.
Well by eating red meat is how!

Using badly cut footage the veg in front of the man turns into a steak. The man smiles and tucks in.

Red meat is not only stronger than vegetables but also gives you all
the nutrition you need to fight off those evil plants!

The turnip bursts into the kitchen and the man jumps up and wrestles it into the bin.

So bin your vegetables and fill your larder with read meat - the savior of America!


A family are cowering on the floor of a basement. The door is rattling and arms are sticking in through the small windows trying to grab them. The narrator walks onscreen but the family continue as if he is not there.

What would you do if zombies attacked your family?

The father of the family takes out a knife and looks at his kids sadly.

[left]Kill your children to spare them the horror of having their heads smashed open and brains scooped out?


The father looks at his children as the stare back innocently. He raises the knife.

Well now you don’t have to! Our scientists have discovered that alcohol has so much goodness packed in that the zombies won’t want to eat you.

The father drops the knife and runs to a tool box. Inside is a six pack of beer. He gives one each to his wife and kids and they all drink it and relax as the zombies retreat.

[left]So what are you waiting for? Go to your local store and stack up on your favorite beer for you and your children before its to late!




There is a lone car sitting in a secluded spot.

A teenage couple are in the front seats of the car. There is no one else around. The boy tries to kiss
the girl but she stops him. Suddenly the scene is lit up in a green light. Through the windscreen we see a cheap UFO on a string.

The teenagers react in horror. The narrator sits up in the backseat.

Extra-terrestrials, the bullies from outer space!

Outside the car, men dressed in cheap alien costumes are trying to get into the car.

If you don’t enjoy anal-probing then you better take action now.

He reaches into his breast pocket and pulls out a cigarette case. He offers them to the teenagers. They hesitatingly take one each.

[left]These bug-eyed freaks live in a different atmosphere to ours where all the benefits of nicotine are poisonous to them.


The teenagers light the cigarettes and the aliens start to back away.

The deeper you inhale, the more of that satisfing tar gets into your lungs, which has been proven to be
[left]the number one repelant of aliens.


As the teenagers smoke more the aliens disappear and the green light fades.

And another benefit of smoking is that now you look like a man.

The narrator winks at the teenage boy. The boy tries to kiss the girl again and this time it works.

Keep aliens away and get the girls! Smoking, your new best friend.


A cows head appears (MGM Lion style)

This educational film was brought to you by S.A.R.M. - The federation of Smoking, Alcohol and Red meat. The cow takes a pull off a cigarette and blows out the smoke.




Some ideas for out main character, the presenter of our infomercial


some quick overheads to get an idea of the layout of 2 of our sets, the kitchen and the basment.


this is the rough design of our alien.
we really wanted to get that b-movie look, so we started with a man, then just added loads and loads of bits to him.
this was serious fun, we all stood around it and just took turns drawing bits all over him.


this is one of the images that got the ideas flowing.


this is more or less the kitchen we are going with for act1 of our film.
its supposed to be a small kitchen in a farmhouse, the props in the scene will be skewed and warped for the style we have chosen.


this is some mood renderings stephen whipped up. this is make out point location from the final act in our short.


This is the basement from act 2 of the film. its another mood sketch from Stephen. any comments would be welcome.

as for the concept side of things, how much is to much in terms of posting things for yous all to see? should we keep posting up all we have or just final bits and pieces?


any feedback or comments?..its a little echoie in here…


some of the props for the kitchen


some 3d renders of props that populate the kitchen.


a few more props for the kitchen scene.
any comments? crits?


this is our main character. he is a slick presenter who is the narator of our film.


this is the final design for our alien from act 3 of our film. the bug eyed alien!


You should hear the echoes over at my post. I especially love the mood concept of the basement, but everything I’ve seen has great charcter and feel.