B-Movie Entry: Kevin Dubeau


I could be wrong, but I don’t interpret that to mean you could use and existing movie. I take that to mean they want you to bring the genre back to life. I don’t think it’s written well. The other point is you definitely can’t violate copyrights, which I think this might do. But that’s all I’ll say, I don’t want to hijack this thread any further. Just throwing it out there.


no, no my friend. you aren’t hijacking at all. (>’.’)>


lol so true - I am a reader but somehow I can’t be bothered to read peoples stories about a picture :banghead:


So anyway, I’ll model / sculpt every character before going back to composition / mood that I’ll approach with a rough 3D sketch…
I’m so used to sculpt ( thanks to EDAH practice thread ) I can come up with this within a few hours only.


A few hours? you are so lighting fast and it is beautiful.


Love it! Can’t wait to see the rest!


Nice sculpt,
you’ve got a ton of models to do, good luck =)


nice work kevin :beer: waiting for more please keep going :bounce:


Now, I’ve made a few changes. The new idea is that instead of the time map they’ve stolen from the supreme being its actualy, the Time Node or the God Node ( node in the xsi’s render tree ). Thats why he is shown a bit in ambiant occlusion, cuz its just like he is missing a shader node… So now they are not the Time Bandits but more like the Node Bandits…

some wip;


Nice Hats!


Nice progress… I really like how you sculpt the hats/garments.


You left the starting blocks very quicly !


lol they stoled the man`s shader :applause: hehehehe nice idea :beer: keep it up :bounce:


very nice man!:smiley:
all you guys are progressing :frowning:
and i have not done anything till yet
i hope i can actively take part in the challenge :frowning:


Something like that, change the canvas size to horizontal maybe? I’ll reiterate later when I have more models done


Your models are just fantastic!

Just a question, Did you reuse the head to do the rest or sculpt each one separately?

Anyway, Can’t wait to see this.


I started from a based mesh that I’ll “retopolygise” afterwards


randall body wip


Excellent !
I like your sculpts very much !


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