B-Movie Entry: Juraj Molcak


@Beuda - it’s actually U.H.O. not u.f.o. :wink: Glad you like the bee, I sooo wanted to make the real costume, but that would be suicide.

@JUDZIGN - yeah, the whole feature… one day you will have that pleasure I hope.

@fgdf - o I think we all need this Good luck thing, you know yourself how are those challenges at the end. Anyway, I just watched your film again, still think it’s one of the best interpretations of the B-grade thing around.

@BebeteLANUITE - not to mention I wanted to have landing shot with tanks too. You can see the miniatures in the making of. Strange how close storywise our entries are. We probably have the same mindset, maybe we can team up one day.

@adelben - you know how the story go - I am the BEE master, you are the B master :smiley:

@RomainJouandeau - yeah, the fake arms are my favs. With my lamish rigging skills it was really brainer. But it covered what I needed.

@ChristopheFauconneau - haha, by superb you meant Super-B, right? It’s sort of funny story about Car Futura logo. I wanted to have an old car there, but since my actors had pretty full schedule I had to shot with what we had at the time. Now, the curves of that VW are, let’s face it, too contemporary. So the story, with outlanders future design poped out. I know the detail is extremly small, but it is noticable on the HD version. I think it’s funky touch.

@Framed - fantastic. The humor is very sensitive thing. I am happy it gets you for a moment.

@Luc14no - I wrote down what I felt by watching your entry. You really have some extra points from me over some of the prefered entries here. You simply brought my taste of cool B-grade feeling to your video. I don’t care if that’s your highest cg skills level or not. It works perfectly for the theme.

@medunecer - np, will send the DVD with HD trailer if you want :cool: Hope it will reach your mailbox, unlike the illustration last time.

@Staszek - man, the ants are in the different entry, lol. I have BEEs here.:arteest:Actually, I am glad you made this mistake, because it’s very natural to the B-grade creatures, that sometimes they look like something else than what they should represent. Oh, how much we love the B-grade style!

@Maingon, opentarget, adib - thanks folks for the nice feedback!


oh sorry man ! right, woman with bee head is totaly awsome :slight_smile:


Hello Juraj,

I thought about the story and the willing of making miniature and after the shooting days i see your entry.
I think “wow, we’ve got the same idea.” (I mean working with miniatures. It’s a bit risky in a CG competition :smiley: ).
But i didn’t talk about doing insects aliens heads in my thread and you didn’t too, i guess.
I find that incredible and very interesting to have similar idea at this point.
You’ll think i’m bagging you but i was planed to make a miniature landing set with small trees like you done (so without the plateform you did :slight_smile: ). I didn’t go as far than you by adding lights on the flying saucers.
For the fact of make a team with you. It will be a good experience if we have a similar vision or points of interest. :slight_smile:
I think your job is great. I very like it not because it’s similar to mine but because it’s very well done.


My grilfriend says that you can do the mistake between Bee and Ant because we didn’t see the bee’s wings on the room shot. So, i think this fact can reassure you about your capacity to differentiate a bee and an Ant :slight_smile:


heh, speaking about the wings. Looks like I left them out for some reason. Check out the text near the side sketch http://assets.cgsociety.org/challenge/entries/27/18954/18954_1264889955_medium.jpg (not sure about the wings, maybe no wings at all)… But damn, what was the reason? :beer:


Very nice entry, i think the whole rythm works very nicely. It somehow reminded me of George Melies and the beginnings of special effects, a very nice use of resources, congrats and good luck.


Hi, I am glad you like my entry.

Hm, interesting, but it wasn’t intentional at all and I kindly disagree with you. In fact, I would never call any of the George Melies works to be the B-grade stuff. They are all the gems of vfx history. B-Movie definitely have different spirit and guides to me.


Hey Juraj, I agree with you. Melies is the father of vfx, he created 90% of tricks still used nowadays. :thumbsup:
He brought a funky touch to Movies.:smile:


Agreed, VFX doesnt become “B” because its old, B-movies are B from the get go :slight_smile: Melies stuff was state of the art back then…

Your voice over reminded me of “Italian Spiderman”



Great job Juraj !
Finally, there is a lot of vfx shots ! Excellent !


@ChristopheFauconne @Framed - yep, George Melies RESPECT :thumbsup: I just bought small reference book 101 SF movies you must see. Le Voyage Dans La Lune (1902) is the first mentioned.

@Framed - lol, the Italian Spiderman is brutal! Thanks for the link. Mustache!

@gpepper - ahah, finally you saw it. Yes, the second part of the trailer you asked for is loaded with visual trickery. Some are so hidden, like wallpaper in the shot where girl is screaming or texture on the curtain in the shot with my black cat. I did try many new things for me, especially green screen stuff. Hope to get better camera next time, so lights, colors and focus will be stable during whole take. Lot’s of new things to learn every day. Profesionally I am not in this field, I do casual games. Personal projects are the only way for me to get something into my portfolio and based on this hopefuly get some paid job in this area of visual art.


very funny i love it ! ^^


Top notch humour ! Great sfx and vfx.
All the best !


@ASKsebastienchauve - Talking about funny… hard to compare with your hamster giant. Glad you love it.

@queenhostin - hm, interesting to see executive producer entering the CGcommunity just to comment some B-grade entries. Hope you’re around some A-class movie production scouting the talents.


A-class movie ? Don’t know this title.


Congrats Mate! Your entry is so much fun to watch. Perhaps the most enjoyable one :wink:
Wish to see more great works from you. Cheers!


Congratulations for your special effects prize !!
Your work is one of the best for me :wink:


Congratulations Juraj! From your n.1 Italian fan!


@ redCigarette, BebeteLANUITE, medunecer - thank you mates! Hope to see you around next challenge.


I hoped you won, this is my favorite work, now that the winners are known I can say that you deserved to win, by the synthesis of the idea and its effectiveness.
It made me laugh a lot, and everyone I showed understood immediately and they laughed, is a great job and you have a very special mood.
I am glad that you have received this great recognition.
I hope we meet in other challenge.
(my english is bad, sorry jaja)