B-Movie Entry: Juraj Molcak


Software: After Effects

first part of the trailer

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Great characters animation. Especially when your mesh walks in the woods and discover the nest !:slight_smile:
Very intense cat performance. Keep up the good spirit for final.:thumbsup:


thanks Christophe, this was my first time animating such a heavy detailed and realistic character. The mesh was so dense and my computer barely handled it. So I am pretty happy you like it :beer: And the cat… yeah,thats the spirit!


ahah, excellent !
Second part please !


Software: After Effects,XSI

Dear producers, here is my new movie concept. The title is


So, we have those scary classy outlanders, but they are acting very peaceful and soon they become our friends from the deep space. They give us some fancy new technology and design ideas.
But after they went home, the real terror begins. Bee-like human sized creatures arise from the honeycomb structure they had left in the forest. Their mission is not peaceful at all. Kill or transform the human race. Cool so far, right?
Luckily, we have this Tough Guy with some background around bee-keeping thanks to his grandfather. He is fearless and always hated everything about the outlanders. So the human race could win this game. But the ending is still open. I have actually two versions for you. Anyway, I think this is pretty good story, also very original, very catchy.
Oh yes, and there is this, I call her - Girl in Charge. She discovered the nest of the bees, she also will be transformed to their human connection for a small part of the movie. She will be the important woman in the life of our hero, always good to have something like this, right?

Juraj Molcak, the director

The B-Movie theme was really hard to resist. I wanted to try some new techniques in my creation and the B-grade platform was just perfect for it. The standard nowadays production techniques are well known so it was fun to break some of them. I decided to go with wildstyle, using miniatures, live action and of course CG. I bought the very low budget digital camcorder Camileo H20. Everything was shot in HD during the daylight since the camera is useless for night shots. I used various materials for my miniatures - pot saucers, rear bike lights, toy cymbals, polystyrene, cardboard, acrylic colors, twigs, tea leaves… The CG was a must for my main bee character because it was timeconsuming to create the real life costume. Personally, I am happy with the final composition. It has a sort of retro feel. I haven’t got any specific time on mind, however I get some inspiration from the 70s and 80s.
I would love to state here, that I like bees, honey, and all the bee-keeping stuff, so this short film does not represent my thinking about those lovely creatures.
Hope you enjoyed my entry. Thanks.

Stanislava Pazmanyova
Jan Jakab

also starring:
Sebastian the Cat

soundtrack music from the horror theme by Peter Kostelnik

all visual and story elements:
Juraj Molcak

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i like the design of your bee and your u.f.o too .

very cool entry !
Good luck :slight_smile:


when the film goes out ? :slight_smile:
super work bravo :drool:


Yeah!Your work is Beautiful!VERY WELL DONE!:bowdown:


This is exceptionall! One of my favorites!!
I loved everything about it. Girl is a cherry on a top :wink:
Wish you good luck but I guess it wouldn’t be needed


hiya, thanks for nice feedback. The HD version is now up on my vimeo page. The compression still kills some small details though.

http://www.vimeo.com/11043709 (HD trailer)

http://www.vimeo.com/11053743 (SD making of)


fantastic! really nice job, good fun and slick looking(in the b-movie style that is!) well done.


Hello Juraj,

We have pretty close idea for this challenge :smiley:
Your work is very nice !
I love the animation of the aliens
very good b-movie looking.
Love it.



Love your style man


Haha! I think that you are completly B movie! I love the idea of the bee costume, with the fake arm in your set-up!
And the sound, Bee Master er er er er! Perfect!


Superb interpretation :cat, bees, humans are intensively expressive.
I love the Car Futura logo. :thumbsup:


I think I just woke up my neighbour laughing, not realising it’s 3am :smiley: Loved this and wish there was 90 minutes of it! Totally my type of humor… Good luck!


Hi Jura! thanks for comment my work!, really i´m proud because after of view your work, i think, if this guy with the awesome work that made, has comment my work positively really means that my work is not bad at all… jaja, sincerely man, your work has capture the essence of these movies, first the color tratment is perfect, the sound, the characters etc, really is a work very complete, ahh and the craft work!! jaja very very nice!

Greetings and good luck!!


Fantastic work here!!! Loved watching the Breakdown. of the effects


Juraj, you did it! Your final movie is amazing and impressive. It’s difficult to understand how you was able to do it in time, with so many different tasks (cgi, live actions, maquettes, compositing…)!
Your final entry is funny and creative. Flawless for me. One more thing: the actors are great! Congratulations my friend! (I think this time I’ll ask you a signed copy of the official “the bee masters”…)


This is one of my faver entrys. Shot of girl with ant head is totaly awsome.
Shot with ants in room is very well done too - its looks very natural. And many more :slight_smile:
Actors did great work as well and all fits together.

Good luck!