B-Movie Entry: Juraj Molcak


miniature stage work in progress


Very rural mood in your update, i’m looking forward to hear birds singing in the trees.:thumbsup:
Keep it up.


This is great to see someone bring in the minitures. I have always been a fan of miniture work in movies, B or not (alien, aliens- and star wars, that’s why the new movies were so diapointing) cant wait to see your finished product.


howdy folks,

@medunecer - hey, thanks for the feedback mate! The working on real elements is good destress from the everyday computer work. I feel like I want to use less computers in all my future projects. However, this real stuff took more budget than CG generated what is just crazy.

@AlphaDDC07 - sorry my PM box was full thanks to my CGS membership expiration. Thanks for your interest, I will get in touch with you to discuss this further.

@MistaFraggadeliX - glad you like it. Yes it is real camera footage with some more color corrections reather than blue filter, but still not that hard to create. It is pretty tricky how people can accept blueish image as a night shot, thanks to the hollywood for that standard :smiley:

@ChristopheFauconne - lol, thanks. I guess more bumblebees than birds.

@Scrotal - Thanks for nice feedback. As I mentioned, it is pretty two sided thing theese days. Creating miniatures is fun but took some more money and time. I would have this done sooner and probably more appealing to the CG folks around with computer 3D. But hell I wanted to try this kind of things and this is a nice platform to do so. After all at the end this will be a wildstyle piece of work with live footage, miniatures, 2D and 3D cgi postproduction elements… a bit of everything.


awe this is soo cool. I hope you can get the fealing that you set out to do. The sketches was great, but its hard to recreate that in a video.
Surely you are doing everything you can with the sets and all the analogic stuff. Thats what makes this great.


nice work…u do what i saw on my mind, like real movie “B”


compositing wip


@andreasng, @JUDZIGN - thanks mates, I am glad you see this entry nice and cool :thumbsup: Hope the result will catch you too.


Very cool led lighting and miniature Juraj, maybe metallic reflection and shadows would deserve a special treatment for integration, i’m sure you are on it.
Keep it up:thumbsup:


COOL MAN! oh my! you are doin’ it! I cant wait to see new stuff…



Go Juraj! Great stuff! I agree with you: is important to keep hands on “dusty” stuff sometimes. I think that many of us come from creating real stuff and is good to alternate pushing buttons on a keyboard with building things. And you’re doing a great job. One question: are you going to use some camera tracking software to insert the flying saucers in the BG? If yes, do you know “Voodoo”? Great job again. Talk to you soon!


Stanislava Pazmanyova (actress), Jan Jakab (actor), Juraj Molcak (behind the camera)


Software: After Effects,XSI

nah, that´s CG fake :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


Hi,nice progress you have!One more question: How You upload your video?Cose I tried last night and didn t work.


hey Adrian, thanks. I am sure, in your case it was just a server issue since this is not your first challenge and you already uploaded some vids. So I think you did everything correctly, just some mystery between your machine and CGS screwed it. Try again and make sure your firewall have the ChallengeUploader allowed.


Thanks man its working now! BEST TO YOU!:bowdown:


Looking promising. Double looks great. I require some more video wips ;] !


Yeah! looks great man!! very creative concept! i want to see it finished!
Good luck!


Juraj, tis is a colossal! The idea of the cg monster with wires is great!
Actors faces are amazing. Your movie has an official fan here in Italy…
Keep on the great job!


hey folks,

@fgdf - thanks. As for the wip videos, I went with mostly stills because I really don´t have much from the 3D animation this time. For the rest the 2D is imho pretty informative and you are free to ask anything production related. Hope that´s okay.

@Luc14no - Glad you like it. Hope to have it ready at the end of this week.

@medunecer - Cool buddy! I left the idea of real life costume because it was pretty unreal to get it done. But I wanted to keep the spirit of such a B-grade monster. Wires are just natural for this thing I guess. Hope you will keep the fanclub after the official release :beer:

Okay, still a lot to do. I am very surprised by some of the unstopable machines around here. I really have no idea where those folks get the power to produce such a heavy work. Now I am not sure - am I just that lazy or the others are just that crazy? Anyway, hope to see you at the end of this week with some worth watching material!