B-Movie Entry: Juraj Molcak


Software: After Effects

UFO video test :slight_smile:

Play Video >>


I love it more please ^^


Very cool. You’ve nailed the lo-fi element!


Now that’s what I call “Super B”! Keep up the work man!


mouahah !
nice animation ! It seems to be animated by hand !


@Johnseventine @Duncs @Anubis3D - thank you folks. Great to see nice feedback!

@gpepper - glad you like it Gilles. Not sure if you really can name this to be animation. You know, it is just miniature hanging on the wires in front of window :slight_smile:

I made some rough storyboard yesterday. So far it looks like fun to work on. Milestones for my easygoing schedule are:

day80 - 60: production of miniatures and CG elements. (already running)
day60 - 40: filming, voice recording, vfx
day40 - 20: montage, vfx, soundtrack
day20 - 00: final postproduction, soundtrack, 30sec trailer edit, behind the scenes edit.

Yeah, that´s it.


[QUOTE=Juraj@gpepper - glad you like it Gilles. Not sure if you really can name this to be animation. You know, it is just miniature hanging on the wires in front of window :)[/QUOTE]

OMG ! I now understand why I found it animated by hand ! It is !
Sorry I didn’t read your thread enough to capture all the spirit of it !
The idea become more attractive !
(not that your thread wasn’t !)


wow…hats off to you, that ship is the coolest thing i have seen on cgtalk in years!!
loooove it!


@gpepper - lol, too bad I didn´t let you stay with your wrong interpretation. It could be funny to watch you are amazed by my CG skills :smiley:

@opentarget - glad you like it. Cool to see Dubliner around, it´s like my second home there :beer: (sorry, they don´t doo Smilies with Guinness)

For today, I would like to say I have no respect for stalking artists that keep sucking good stuff from other threads so they have enough of ideas to enter the challenge!


OK, after the little break I am back in the challenge. I lost almost a month but hopefuly will finish this on time. Updates soon!


Here are my so far ideas for the main name of the movie. I am going for late 60’s - 70’s movie look, where the cinema already had some good base for vfx and cinematography. “The Honeycomb” sounds more horrorish but “The Bee Masters” is just cool enough. Not sure, feel free to add some suggestions. Thanks.


At first sight i thought it was a entomologic documentary, but now i’m pretty sure you make an over-Bee class movie, i’m not even sure there are enough letters in alphabet to categorize it.:wink:
I love ufo animation and scheme color fonts.
Good luck Juraj !


work in progress


work in progress


Interesting wip, cool mix-up of analogic and synthetic stuff : what is this about exactly ?:wink:
I cant wait to see more.


Hey Juraj! Great to see you here again! The ufo video test is great and I think you had a good idea to make many things of this entry “real”. Please, more photos! Good luck my friend! I’ll follow you for sure!


a must when your cammera is so useless in the night :slight_smile:


Hello Juraj,

Are you still looking for a business partner as per your note. (below)

Looking for freelance business partner /co-worker from the EU for online co-operation. Starting July 2010.

If so I may be interested therefore would appreciate consideration.




Those foto’s of the ‘analogue’ stuff look intriguing. Can’ wait to see what’ll come out of that.
Also, is that real camera footage of the bulding top with a blue filter applied to fake nighttime? If so it’s really well done…


miniature stage work in progress