B-Movie Entry: Juraj Molcak


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Latest Update: Finished Video: The BEE MASTERS


Juraj !
Again in the game !


hey Gilles,

well, when Secret Agent was on the show I ended up with one concept sketch :slight_smile: I have plenty of B-class stuff in my DVD shelf, let´s see if I can manage some time to play this game. Have fun!


B - class Bees. Wait, there was a movie called “Bee Movie” right? Some fancy, CG, fully animated happy ride. Well, this one is different :smiley:


Hi, looks like a great concept! Would have been a good idea for me to do! (see avatar) lol. All the best and look forward to new concepts! :slight_smile:


Nice sketch !
I still really love your style !


Great sketch,
but i’m not really sure about the title. It’s way too close to the title of that feature film. It’s actually exact the same.
But unsure about what the story will be, maybe you should make it a bit more scary and B-class. So maybe a little less abstract. Maybe you’ll come up with a more appropriate name after you figured out the whole short.

Cheers and good luck


hey folks,

@BUZZFX - thanks. Yeah the buzzy beez are coming :slight_smile: In fact the bees idea was based on that blinking honeycomb like thing (see bottom of the poster sketch), so they were kind of last piece of the story. I think that at the end they will look pretty far from ordinary bee design :slight_smile:
@Gilles - cool, glad to know that!
@Nothingness - thanks. Well, yeah I kind of mentioned that there is the BEE MOVIE title already. I watched that animated feature at cinema so I should know about it. I just like the same pronunciation of “B” and “BEE” so you have an idea where that came from. But I took your advice and already made some new titles, but that will be the very last thing to decide.

I am currently searching hobby and craft shops to find some good materials for my models. I would love to stay away from my computer to take the rest from my daily work. So I will work with real miniatures and footages mixed with some CG bits and postproduction. I am looking for some advice about good 3D camera tracker since I never used such a tool. Also some resources of “how to kind” will be great. Thanks.


Really moody poster design, it’ll be nice to see different approach with the physical models - looking forward to watching your progress

Best of luck


welcome to the challenge!
Best of luck!:buttrock:


still doodling around B-BEE-Movie concept


@adib - thanks Adrian. Great to see you entering again. You are like unstopable machine :slight_smile:

@Duncs - thanks. Hey I finaly saw your finished Steampunk stuff. Good final touch. About the physical models - yeah, should be fun. My tribute to old masters like EdWood :slight_smile: I bought things for UFO model already. Hope to have it finished by the end of next week with some test renders.

Hey I get replacement for my low budget HD cam today. Now instead of 6 hotpixels I have only 4. Well, this crap should help to B-grade mood right? lol


miniature construction in progress. Some LED lights and silver color coming soon :slight_smile:


Hey Juraj! Glad to see you in!
Love the style so far - the UFO looks totally convincing :wink:


I’ve just written a reply to you on my thread…so…is time to write on yours…well…I LOVE THE UFO! it was one of my childreams making a b-movie…and the very first idea was about ufos!

Looking at your ufo model…a couple of tears dorps down my eyes! Cool…man it is cool! i really cant wait to see something filmed!! so …good luck and keep it up!


ok…now u got to tell me what cam u will use!!! :stuck_out_tongue:


Come on ! Show us more !


@Gunilla - hey, thanks. Yeah UFO is real, I was lucky enough to have my camera with me when I saw it :smiley:

@OZ - camileo H20, totally grainy, useless in dark or night shots. I will have to do a lot of postpro on it. Man, I just bought it to try something else in my production. I hope to get some FHD DSLR later this year, but for now I will go with what I have.

@gpepper - I will as soon as I have something new :wink: Had some problems with LED lights recently, but I am going to make the final touches to the UFO this weekend.


I love the second UFO image and this will look really cool and B-Movieish (is that a word) using a video camera. Can’t wait to see more.:slight_smile:


This may end up as CG creature but will definitely keep the human body as the base for it.