B-Movie Entry: julien Bouquet


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: robot killer’s wip


i’m only post the character research in 2d , i want to define all my movie characters and manke an animatik before to start modelize in 3D
with patien all will be start in time héhé


two cubik’s alien design, the king and a standard soldier
they are very small ,evil and all they want, is to control the universe (mouahahahah)


this the other monster of my movies
the most important.it look like a frige with aluminium arm .
I try to find a vrey old school style for this robot , a design who can built for reel.


the reel space sheriff !!


Quoi! Toujours pas de 3D?!?
Alors alors on attend!


ok i know i’m very late, but i still working on it
i’ve finish my two character the captain galaxi and his enemy the killer robot .
Now the next step is to put material on it ,give a little touch of zbrush…and finish my fuc… story board ahhhh the end is near


scary isn’t it ???


Really nice appealing characters - hope you have time to get them moving!


The characters looks very nice. They looks very compatible for a funny and dynamic animation. Good luck !


excuse me but i dont find your finished video, where is it?


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