B-Movie Entry: Jonny Duddle


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Latest Update: Concept / pre-visualization: mini-Kong…?


I’m probably too busy for this, I’ve not entered a challenge since ‘The Journey Begins’ (which I didn’t even finish), we’ve recently had a new baby and I’m due to move house in the next few months, so I must be mad.

But the topic is sooooooo cool.

Ho hum.

I better get sketching!


Yes, get a move on, Jonny! Glad to see you’re around for this one.

Congrats on little Rosie, she’s so adorable. :slight_smile: I can’t believe how old Daisy is already, seems like she was just born. We’re getting old. :smiley:

I’ll be gently prodding you onwards for this challenge, good luck and have fun!!


Good luck to you Jonny,

I can’t wait to see something amazing from you… :wink:


So here’s a first doodle…

My thing is kids’ books, so I like the idea of kids in costume in their own pretend B-Movies. I’m thinking of a retro-bedroom circa 1950s or 60s and a homemade movie set with kids in costume playing their favourite monsters.

This is a first scribble, on the train on the way home from a day lecturing, so I apologise for the roughness.

And I’m not sure ‘King Kong’ is B-movie enough, so I’m going to do a few more of these, Godzilla next. Then Godzilla fighting a big robot. Then a big robot and maybe some kind of attack from outer space. Like a cat dressed up or something…

I’m in the mood to do a whole darned series.

But don’t have the time.



And forgot to say… I’m gonna go movie poster, I think. So stick some kids in costume recreating a movie poster, with real movie poster graphics.

Or maybe homemade-looking movie poster graphics that are part of the homemade set.

Or something.

I dunno.


Looks Good Jonny. I love your initial Sketch! :slight_smile:


don’t worry about busy jonny, you can just ignore life during challenges


Burp… hic… nishe drawing Jsonny…


really hope you manage to find time for this, in all of your moving houses and babies.
love your work and eagerly waiting to see your progress.



good idea and a nice composition. can’t wait to see the Godzilla sketch.



So awesome to see u joining too, Jonny! A playful concept already, and cant wait to follow ur progress to another great piece :slight_smile: hope u’ll manage to finish it! good luck!


hehe very funy stuff :):):slight_smile:
i love your work and it would be awesome to see your WIP

i’ll be watching you :stuck_out_tongue:



wow that too funny like the concept … keep it up


Hi Jonny, nice to see you around. Great concept, I’m eager to startt loughing with your funny work. Goood luck my friend.


has a nice feel to it… =)


sounds like a damn good picture.


Good luck! Nice concept!


Hi Jonny, I’m a big fan! Surely Kid Kong is the best title for this piece. Can’t wait to see the work in progress image…


Love the sketch. This will be fun to watch grabs popcorn while subscribing