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Hi everybody, its my first cg challenge and i just hope to finish :slight_smile:

So I decided it was about time i posted something for you all to see, so here it is.

I’ll give you a bit of the process so far. I googled b-grade zombie movies and found a clip for the Astro Zombies, 1968, its a classic b-movie about an evil docter who gets some murdered people and stiches Lucha Libre masks to their faces and sends them out to hunt down every woman in town. they bring the women back to him and he uses their brains and so on.

I thought that was pretty b-grade but then i read some old school comics and got the idea of having an alien come to earth to wake the dead and send them to get all the alive people and bring them back to him so that he can feed on their brains.

So what you can see in the sketch is the alien waking the dead from a graveyard and sending them forth. he’s holding a distressed woman who has already been returned to him and whos brains he will eat with his brain sucking mouth.

I think i’ll make him half fly half man and the movie might be titled The Terrible Brain Sucking Half Fly Man from Outer Space

Also i should note that i’m steering away from doing a poster and am hoping to present it more as if its a frame from the movie.

hope you all enjoy !!


I love the title. I think over-complicated descriptive titles scream B-Movie!

When I looked at the concept before reading your description I thought the alien was wearing a war gas mask, which in itself I thought was quite scary cause war stuff does seem to creep me out a bit. But I think the half fly idea is really good, particularly if there was mucus or something dripping from the mouth.

The womans pose is also ace for B-movies, love it!


Thanks for dropping by sian272, appreciated.

Yeah i deliberately went for a long title, very b-movie. His mouth will defiantly be dripping lots of gross mucousy stuff :drool:


this is the refined sketch.


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