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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Bunny Modelling


Hi this ist my first concept sketch for this challenge. Want to do something retro and funny with X-Ray Killer Rabbits.

Good luck to all! Enjoy the great topic of the challenge.


Ha the title alone made me LOL. I’ll be watching this one.


haha I lol’d prety hard too. Here’s some motivation for you (and a few laughs)

killer rabbit



Thank you for your support and inspiration. i hope i can come up with a decent picture in the end.
i’m working on some simple sketches and try to find a good composition.
Good luck to both of you!

if anyone out there needs some inspiration. i bought this movie collection some time ago… you can’t imagine how bad these movies are… these are z-movies i think


i did lend it to a friend and don’t have it at hand at the moment… but i remeber some silly scenes :wink:

Here are some Titles from the collection:

  1. The Incredible Petrified World
    4. She Gods of Shark Reef
    6. The Atomic Brain
  2. Horrors of Spider Island
    8. The Wasp Woman
  3. Voyage to the Prehistoric Planet
    15. Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
    16. Teenagers From Outer space
    21. Hercules and the Tyrants of Babylon
    26. Laser Mission
    29. White Pongo
    41. The Wild Women Of Wongo
    47. Colossus and the Amazon Queen
    48. Eegah


time travelling killer bunnies with x-ray eyes… :smiley:
weird and funny stuff! i also like your previs, except a missing refer to the “time travelling” - what about some clocks with fast spinning hands or without them?
or dying humans from different epoches? knights, caveman and so on…

nontheless interesting theme.
best luck for you!


Thank you Bran for your ideas. Yes i’m aware of that. It was just an initial sketch and the time travelling part came in to play when i typed the titel.
I was thinking too about some clocks ghostly fading near the title or some kind of juwellery piece. But that might remember us a little bit to much of alice in wonderland.

i have to think about your idea about cavemans and knights a little more, i have an other picture in my head right now. And your idea would demand for a complete different composition. But since i don’t have my final composition i might change dramatically and pick up your thoughts. I really like it.

Great gallery you have over there. love your last picture.



I try to get a sense for the character and i’m playing around with some ideas like carrot space ships. :slight_smile:


hell, i love that carrot ships :buttrock:

the idea of using an hourglass is great, although a modern clock has much more effect regarding associations with “time”, i think - and alice in wonderland :smiley:



scary. realy scary. :smiley: . lol. good idea. made me laugh. now go and make something and show us your first wip’s.


i’m having a hard time to get the composition right. doing a lot (i mean a lot) of sketches. i need some time for this , can’t rush myself to hard with this important step. forgive me.

Thanks Bran. I will include carrot ships in the composition for sure. :wink: thinking about the clock thing… not sure yet.

thank you paulius for pushing me. next week you’ll see some progress.


i still try to find a decent composition. c and c most welcome


love your idea ! very b-movie i’m thinking and funny. personally i like the composition on the right. in that one you would be able to show the bunny’s xray eye beams well and you could have the carrot space ships dropping through the background sky area, also screaming/fleeing citizens in the foreground and maybe tanks and soldiers shooting at (or being zapped by) the main bunny. cool stuff :thumbsup:


giant killer rabbit…The furry invasion form another time and space…would love to see this get realized.


Thank you Jonah for your thoughts on the composition. You made some good points there and i like your suggestions. That was really helpfull.
I think ill stick with this rough composition and start modelling.


First Model of the diner, one of the Buildings i need for the scene.


Maybe a skewer with a caveman, Roman, knight and 18th century soldier(since they are colourful) on it to convey the idea of time travel. Plus the absolutely identifiable ‘timewarp’ vortex in the sky above!:slight_smile:

…or maybe just the helmets? Since they can be very identifiable with their time period.


Killer Bunnies hahaha! Sweeeet! lol

x-ray eyes, but everything else is gonna be fluffy and cute right ?

Looks good!


make it a giant panda with x-ray eyes!!!

just kidding…we could fight them!!


WOW, didn’t expect to see something so similar to mine. Great minds think alike, eh, lol.

My bad, I should have checked the entries before I thought I had a brilliant idea, this is the first time I’m doing anything on the forums as well as entering a challenge, so I’ve still got lots to learn in terms of posting.

I love the time travelling element of yours, thats genius, wasn’t sure about the giant clock medallions though, its a great idea but I associate it too much with Flavor Flav, but thats just me, are you still going ahead with it? Maybe instead, it could be giant wristwatches, or a crazy hourglass backpack contrapton. Thats if ur still going along that route.

Your Diner is looking great, I’ve only just started modelling, It’ll be interesting to see how different ours turns out. I think our stories are going to be competely different, I can’t wait.

Good luck to you Sir, or should I say Arch-Nemesis! Ha, Ha, joke!