B-Movie Entry: Jimmy Hathcutt


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Latest Update: Concept / pre-visualization: Emo Zombie


Wow new contest! Wha-hoo.

Not entirely decided yet but I am pretty sure I am going to do something related to Avatar. I am just so blown away by that movie I can’t think of anything else. It is just so amazing! But since the contest is a B-movie theme think baddies vs Na’vis.

Buckle up kids, the Soapster is goin’ back to his roots and this one could get ugly.


Mr Hard and Aquaman painting their mascot troll as Na’vi. Along with the rest of their friends they totally got into Avatar, the greatest movie ever!

A little recycling going on for the pre-vis along with some brand new models. You guys know how I roll.


Ah, Soapy, you’re in on this? Well have some fun. Looking forward to the craziness.


Great to see you in this one Soapy (enter air horns and glow-sticks here) good luck.


Glad to see you here, Jim! And as usual holding my breath to see what surprises you may have for us this time.


LOL I very much like the idea and the joke about avatar :smiley: I’ll be subscribing this thread. BTW, your progress’s very fast… Any tricks on that?


:buttrock: hyea Soapy! Hahah al the old school crew is back!
good luck!



Thanks guys, it is great to be back up here joining into a contest. This should be a fun one for sure.

I cheat, that makes it go faster… seriously though I am using some old models and sometimes rebuilding the texture maps.Thank god for the rule change allowing us to use whatever assets we want. Reinventing the wheel every single contest was getting tiresome. Plus it did not suit the narrative style of storytelling I do. But I am also building a lot of new models. New models in this last image are the paint cans and brush. There will be a few new characters and a very complex stage set built for this contest. As for characters even I don’t know yet who will stay and who will go.


Aquaman just screams ‘B-Movie’. This looks like great fun


Soapy :slight_smile: this must be a perfect challenge for you… im looking forward to you thread


You have know idea how crazy this one could get. :wink:


Hey Soapy!!

A pleasure to see you in this one!

Like your crazy ideas. Fantastic concept!! The monster of the lagoon, is a cool touch! great!

All the best and waiting for more updates! Cheers!! :beer:


Male seeking female love interest. Likes long walks in the woods, classical music and quality cigars. If you enjoy fine wine and snuggling by firelight call me.


Hey Soapy,

Cool Frankestein for a B-Movie. And great humor touch on it. ;D

You can try a “Franky” like a B-Movie star, seating on a director chair, smoking his cigar and served by beautiful vampirelas. I dont know, that picture come to my mind when I look your image. :smiley: Only a comment.

Cool work !! Cheers!! :beer:


Lol cool Frankenstein. Digging the cigar. :buttrock:



Thanks guys glad you enjoyed Frankie.

Good idea Ferx, I like it. At the moment I have no idea yet what the final image will be. There are a bunch of ideas for little scenes and passion plays as progress on the modeling moves along.

For this image I was thinking of this painting: Beckman self portrait

One of my all time favourite painters. Although I guess I changed the hand position a lot. I didn’t actually go look at the Beckman beforehand.


Now that’s a handsome hero! Frankie goes to Hollywood :smiley:
The look in his eyes are really scary - well done!


That’s a wonderful Frankenstein image and the text you put with it is perfect. This is on its way to becoming a classic soapy thread


ahwww the good looking old Frankenstein…
I just saw this after i wrote my thread about Frakenstein. the only thing that comes to mind is… great minds think alike. must be for that you and me “using the same monster”

and how he hold the cigar and almost make him look like a gentleman… well done Soapy