B-Movie Entry: Jason R. Poirier


Jason R. Poirier is entered in the “B-Movie” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Work In Progress: Major Set Element in progress


Please meet our main character. A 100’ tall toddler named Sam. To save a little time I found a low poly baby I created a while back for a rigging exercise, and remodeled him. More detail will be laid in with texture & displacement maps, but so far I like. The supporting monster babies will be clones of Sam with slight modifications.


A: Isometric views of a low poly version of Sam, the main character.

B: Sketch inspirations for the custom camouflage pattern on Sam’s uniform.

C: A piece of the camo pattern just after the vectors were converted in Illustrator.

D: An example of the finished camo which will be used as a diffuse map.


The Verrazano Narrows Bridge connects Brooklyn, New York to Staten Island. This is one of my ?hero? set pieces. A good portion of the plot takes place in the narrows which connect New York City to the Atlantic Ocean. Here my 100? toddlers will be climbing the bridge, riding tankers, and throwing shipping containers around. This tower and typical section will be instanced to create the rest of the bridge.


This project?s enemy is time. Before I can think the entire plot through I need to get a feel for how much geometry I will be able to draw. I am starting with the major character and set pieces. I will finalize the storyboards after analyzing a realistic time-line.


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