B-Movie Entry: Jaron Kamarad


This is my pre-visualization. My inspiration is Penelope Pussycat, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, and all of the old B-movies that I can get my hands on.


This one could get quite disgusting, I like it! Please tell me you are planning a big poop monster! :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man, that toilet looks scary enough as it is…


Yes, there will be a giant poop monster. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve also decided to get a lot of inspiration, especially for the narration, from the old trailer to “It Came From Outer Space” (1953), which you can watch here.

Here is a general shotlist that I came up with for my short:


This like best idea in area :beer:
I don’t have balls to do similiar - although i was thinking about it
Good luck!


ahh this took me back to a movie who’s name i have forgotten, but it had an “evil shit monster” in it (this was the actual name)…

starred ben affleck and matt damon as fallen angels. its called Dogma i think, great movie…This image gave me a chuckle…

best of luck 2 you.



Usually it goes to the toilet !
Wrong way ! :wink:


Dude … you made me laugh. Better make this one a good funny one. I’ll be watching. Good luck.


hahaha and the poop monster has come to flush us all. Is this the result of eating a radioactive lunch?


This is the storyboard to the trailer that I previsioned. There is more to come. I am working on expanding the story to explain why the giant poop monster comes to life, what that woman is doing in the men’s room, and how the poop monster meets its defeat.


Here is a compilation of character model sheets. The characters are Burglar, Guard Dog, Woman in Bathroom, Man in Bathroom, and Giant Atomic Smelly Poop Monster!!?


Scene 1 - Chem Lab

A burglar breaks into a chemistry lab. He steals a secret formula. The lab guard dog spooks the unwelcome burglar and the burglar jumps through a nearby window.

The posters in the chem lab are actual periodic tables from the 1950s. The right poster is by John D Clark and the left poster is Edgar Longman’s mural, restored by Philip Stewart. I added them to get a 1950’s chem lab feel. All of the other textures are procedural, so far.


Scene work in progress

Here are some scene updates. Outside of the chemistry lab is an open manhole that the burglar falls into and accidentally breaks the test tube full of dangerous chemicals. The chemicals and sewage mix with the burglar’s DNA to create the giant sewage monster.


Character work in progress

The burglar is, for the most part, complete. I might make a few adjustments to him if I have time. Still working on modeling, texturing, and rigging the other characters.


Software: 3ds max,Photoshop

Here is an animation test of the opening scene.

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Title update.


I updated the room posters with my own designs.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

Sound testing music, sound effects, and voice recording. Video test of film scratch effect. Voice recording credit for the dog goes to my roommate’s dog, Mr. Peanato.

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Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Flash,Photoshop

This is the bathroom scene. Voice acting credit goes to my roommates, Melissa Robinson(woman in bathroom) and Randy Cook (man in bathroom).

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Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Flash,Photoshop


In a town on planet Earth, there once was a scientist, whom created a secret formula to cure the world of all growth impairments. Little did anyone know, his experiment would lead to catastrophe when an unknown identity tries to slip away with the formulaâ?¦triggering disastrous eventsâ?¦

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