B-Movie Entry: james pierechod


I’m really liking the look of this. The concept sounds good, too. :thumbsup:


Hey nice modeling and design of the TV and news desk :slight_smile: … like it a lot … looking forward for more.


ha cheers mate, we should hopefully be uploading a little more tomorrow.

cheers, we are having the VO done for this as we speak, should be able to get animating at the end of this week, til then, there is plenty more to be done :eek:


Software: 3ds max

we need to develop the country boy, he is gonna be eating an icecream. and drop it in shock.


Software: 3ds max

two police officers, following the robber in his car through the streets. as an homage to the B movie genre, we are gonna use the same charater for both police officers; like twins or something.


Software: 3ds max

the second shot in this scene, as the robber attempts to escape the police and giant robot.


Software: 3ds max

The overgrown robber -

wants to look like a dandy esque, burly grunt.


Newsreader rocks!
I also liked the other characters and the escaping from the police scene is perfect…
Good work, and good lucks.


we are just finishing little bits, we have been mad on live projects, and running this through the evenings, will be posting a load of stuff today, and tomorrow.

With the final vids popping up over the weekend.

thanks be to Rendernation, Liverpool - for help with the rendering.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Illustrator,Photoshop,VRay

epic fail on the upload, i couldnt get the vid uploaded at all!

never mind!


we tried!

Here is the link to the final video anyway, really enjoyed this comp - and we finally managed to complete one!

bring on the next one.


The story, its an homage to the rediculous and excentric nature of the B movie. we have crazy unfathomable plot lines, rediculous characters and tiny filming budgets.

hope you enjoy this - cheers

Play Video >>


heres a link to the vimeo upload

really enjoyed working on this with everyone, well done if you managed to complete.

cant wait for the next one!

cheers guys!



you can still posted,is an extratime 20 hours remain.Good luck!:slight_smile:


sweet thanks for the info - good luck to you too!


did I heard GIANT BEES from the OMG News? Sweet, thanks for the promo :smiley: Anyway, very nice entry! I would love to see better shaders on the boy, just a bit deeper. Also, is the giant robot walking slightly above the ground because of the foot engine? Good luck with final uploading and over-all!


Very nice rendering and animation.:thumbsup:
Great work all !


Amazing mood. So nice entry.
All the best !


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