B-Movie Entry: James King


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Final B Movie Submission


First ideas for the monsters Body parts


I think the sketches looks good, I’ll be interested to see the progress on this entry


Ok, So as it stands this is a Team Entry

The team members are:

Kinfarth/James King
Role- Modelling, Animating, Texturing, Lighting


Elarith/Ryan Hoath
Role - Modelling, Animating, Texturing, Lighting


Elarith’s concept sketches for the Monster in the film.


Here is the Final Monster Design we are going with along with some annotations detailing some of his changing features. Final sketch by James


Storyboards for our movie titled “The terror of the harbor”


This is the beginning of James modelling the head for the monster. We went with a sort of shell idea on the head, like a sea crustacean.


This is the front leg for the monster, we made it in such a way that is can use it like a hand/claw but uses it primarily to walk on the knuckles.


This is a progress picture showing the front and back legs, head and tail of the monster as it starts coming together


This is the monster completed under the modelling stage, complete with spikes on his armored shell.


This is an image of our monster side on.


This is the final look of the monster, minus a few tweaks we might make. I used zBrush to paint him and add in some small wrinkles and details on him.


Early model of the tank used in our movie


Near complete model of the tank.


Helicopter model Development


Completed helicopter


Army tank rendered


A civilian for our movie


An early model of the soldier as created by Ryan. He has a face visor on his helmet a vest which is yet to be finished.