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Latest Update: Final Image: CHIC KONG


Still working on the background and the name for my Monster Chicken Thing, I’m still wondering it he should be Radio-Active, Mutant, or Alien Chicken. So this Giant Chicken is mean eats people by grabbine them with it’s long tongue and drags them into that huge beak.


I dig it!

hmm… names names names



Mother Clucker

lot’s of potential!


Well here is a previsualization of my scene using basic geometry, I decided to change the angle of the camera in relation to the one I had in my initial concept.

The main SkyScraper will be based on the Empire State, and the blonde woman will be dressed in 1950’s styling.

There will be debris falling from the claw points and some already on the ground.


oh my! This is awesome composition! Looks like it’s gonna be great


Great idea and composition.


great concept - looking foward to see how this progresses.


hey, nice idea,
Why did you removed the chicken in the last shot ? sad =)


Its looking awesome, its defiantly a great composition. so if its not a mutated chicken, is it a mutated caterpiller with a frog tounge ?!


I dig the Point of View you are going for…almost able to feel what the victim must felt when she/he’s grabbed!


I cant see the monster… maybe the face of the monster could be turnet to the tail and seeing to the human…



Hi Guys,

Thank you all for your kind comments.

csmallfield: Thanks for more name ideas :thumbsup: , the main issue is actually choosing the name, i have loads of ideas in my head for names, it’s really deciding on one I’m finding difficult :banghead:

Just to quickly clarify, the creature pearched on the building is still a Mutated Chicken (the main mutation being it’s long tongue, loss of most of it’s feathers and some deformities) :slight_smile: , I still have to concept it up, which I am looking forward to!

I just thought the main concept sketch I had, was a bit boring and has been done before, so my decision was to take the camera view from a persons perspective of the Chicken to show it’s enormous scale. Plus I wanted to give the feeling that humans were like worms to the chicken, as it attacked them, giving the scene a feeling of fear and panic, with the Skyscraper and girl being a homage to the old B-Movies.

So still a Chicken :slight_smile:


This is my initial concept for the Chicken Mutation, It’s lost most of it’s feathers, except for tufts on it’s shoulders, back, groin area and some on the thighs. It has the Lizard like tongue and a dark skin (a homage to King Kong in a way), although I will play with the colours abit maybe make it more chicken skin colour, but not sure.


LOL. That’s epic!


I very much like the rooster monster…very very cool design.


Very cool. I love the composition.


Well, here we go, a proper start on the Prehistoric Mutant Chicken. Box Modelling it in 3DStudio Max 8 (inset is the image I am using as reference.

I just want to get the base details right (some way still to go) and then take it into ZBrush and hopefully have some fun.

I have also found a name for my b-movie: “The Chicken that Time Forgot”


Continued my work on the chicken this evening. Added some details, and his mutated tongue!!

I’m finding the wings a bit hard to know how it should fit, since it’s hard to find any reference of chicken wings that aren’t fried!

I will continue working in Max trying to get as much detail done to help for the sculpting stage in ZBrush.

I am still working on the story to go with the name of the B-movie, hopefully can find something decent.


This is amazing!! Can’t wait to see more! :love:


nice start on the chicken-