B-Movie Entry: Hubert Graca


Hubert Graca is entered in the “B-Movie” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: Death Charge


“Death Charge” story

Place of action

Schwarze Pumpe – Germany

Heat and power plant

Time of Action


Story outline

The first part of the action takes place at an open-cast mine.

During the coal mining, machines uncover an unknown crystal. The crystal proceeds through the mining process to the power plant.

During the heating, the crystal generates destructive energetic impulse bringing out irreversible changes to the power transition line.

Suddenly the pylons come to life and start to behave like zombies.

They crave more energy.

They start to search for new sources of energy.

On their search for energy they come across another living form - the windmills a potential source of renewable energy.

The pylons and windmills fight for the ultimate power.


Powodzenia !
fajny pomysl


great work


Software: pencil, paper and PS

I haven’t written in a while, but now I’m posting up my storyboards, 3D model and visuals.

I plan to post my animatic soon.

All the best.



Software: Lightwave 3D

High Voltage Pylon


Software: Lightwave 3D

rigging model 3d prepare for animation


First approach to animation
composition, time of individual frames, motion

Play Video >>


Software: Lightwave 3D


I 'm sending an animation test in colour for you to see it. I’s created in Lightwave.
I haven’t used the postproduction programmes. Some effectes such as flare and particle are egnerated in 3D.

All the best,

Play Video >>


Software: Lightwave 3D

I sand you finished triler Death Charge
and making of

good luck

Play Video >>


Good luck dude, Like what you’ve created. :slight_smile: :smiley:


There is a surrealistic mood in your entry, it looks like a Dali painting in motion.
Very nice movie :thumbsup:


Great concept, excellent models. The first blast scene is intense. Crits: I’d ease the keyframes on the camera moves and some of the character actions and the lighting / rendering could be better.



Thanks for comments

I’ll try to explain some issues.
Taking part in competition is always fun, lot of work but also a motivation to finish something before the deadline.

Of course I do notice that there are some mistakes and errors in the project. Some of scenes which have been rendered the last day - I saw for the first time during edititing.

The scenes have to be worked on a bit, I guess. They probably need some worn effect, it should all be more dynamic, and I should work on the sound level too. But …there is a deadline!
Christophe: According to the atmosphere of the film- it’s nice that you referenced it with Salvador Dali - I didn’t think about it that way.

Congratulations to all of the participants,

With regards
Hubert Graca


gratki! skonczyles filmik, i jest spoko!




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