B-Movie Entry: Gunilla Elam


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Latest Update: Work In Progress: girl with slime


This theme is far to fun to not get into!
I have multiple ideas flying around so far. Most of them involving masses of small things.
Could be
“The attack of the micro elephants”
“Bat Frenzy”
or perhaps something more gory?
“Slime Girl Returns”
“Slaughterhouse Slumber”

We’ll see. I’ll be back when I know more what to do. Looking forward to play with this one.


Neimen, powerpuffjentene er også med denne gangen! Yipppi! :slight_smile:
Excellent Gunilla! Glad you could fint the time and be in on this, and you’re right, the theme is super
inspiring, your “Slime Girl Returns” concept would really make a great scene!
Looking forward to see what you have cooking in your head for this one!
Have fun!


Cheering in Sydney. :applause: Excellent news! Gunilla is in! I’m looking forward to seeing what magic you bring to this one. I like the ideas


Slime Girl Returns sounds like an excellent b-movie. Not only is it a cheesy monster, its also a sequel :smiley:
A horde of miniature elephants could also go. Kinda sound like those movies where they’ve genetically enchanted bees and spiders to be extra large, and extra venomous, and then they escape, and only one guy can fix it. Would be interesting to see something huge and powerful turned small, but still being able to throw the wold in chaos.


Cheering in the UK too, glad to see you in Gunny.


Hi Gunilla, glad you joined up. This is gonna be a fun one. Cheering loud here in Canada.


Attack of the Micro Elephants? LOL:applause: I also like slime Girl Returns. Great stuff.


Yes, I think I’m a slime-girl kind of guy too. Umm… maybe I should reword that…


Hello :slight_smile: Nice to see you back.


OK - so here’s a small start.


Thank you all for the cheering - most encouraging! Nice to see so many familiar faces here.

Mathias - are you in? Couldn’t find you thread. And “powerpuffjentene” may just be the perfect name for my female hero… if she turns up :slight_smile:

Valentina - Nice thought about the sequel, perhaps it will be Slimegirl returns - again!!! :smiley:

Mark, Steve, Jim, Mike, Martin - we’re in for a tough one this time. Lots of fun can be exhausting.

Since I don’t want to disappoint any of you slimegirl-lovers out there I decided to give it a go.
Above a first shaky sketch to get me warmed up.


Really disgusting !
Nice to see you around Gunnie !
Have fun madame !


What kind of b-movie do you picture this to be?
Hobo is a really friendly font, in my opinion. More like a light comedy or even a romantic comedy.
Love the rime :slight_smile:
Is she sad or just “mindless”?


Blocking out the scene - I will go for a still frame from the movie. And oh! looks like I added some kind of hero too, details about that one will soon to be revealed


Gilles - glad you find it disgusting so far :slight_smile:

Valentina - Yeah, Hobo is definitely on the cute side… I was doing this on my office computer with just a limited set of fonts. If I will have texts in the final it will be something more sleazy for sure.
The b-movie will be some kind of horror/romance/sci-fi I think, all may be set on another planet. I’m not sure yet but hopefully it will all be clearer soon.
She is really sad because everyone fears her … can she help the way she looks? It’s a cruel world.


Looking really good, buddy. Your blocked-out scene shot shows an elegant camera angle and hints at great visual rewards to come. I’m glad you’re going for Slimegirl too. That theme just had B-Movie written all over it


hej å hå :slight_smile:

funny thing ya have going on here… go Gunilla go go …


Slimegirl huh? Damn I think I might have dated her in grade seven…


Return of SlimeGirl ! Excellent choice ma’ m!
Ever noticed the kelner says the same no matter what you choose from the menu?
You are off to a great start, Gunilla, I like the previz shot a lot, good angle, very nice lighting and
interesting proportions! Reallt exited to see your next take!
I won’t be in this challenge, but I will definitely watch you guys’ progress, lots of interesting ideas this
time around!