B-Movie Entry: Grzegorz Szczygiel


Software: XSI

walking part in town

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Nice Jobbb!!!


Software: Blender,XSI

eskimo moves

she’s ending sewing blanket, and start searching laser gun in her boat, this is because cowboy guy has colt :wink:

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This is very good job. It’s nice to see such good work made in Blender.
Why XSP is better than Blender in your opinion?
I’m learning Blender and I like it much more every day.

My queston is … In what Blender is worse than XPS, in animation case.

Good Luck!


hi, cool that you like what I did
I use blender only in modeling and uv - i like this software for very fast modeling and uv unwrap options, I can not say anything about rigging and animation in this program, because I do this in XSI.

blender- modeling, uv
xsi - rigging, animation, shading, render - xsi for me is very clear and user friendly application :wink: more than maya and 3dsmax



Software: XSI

few composited frames


Software: XSI

few composited frames


Software: XSI

few seconds of composition
any opinion are welcome

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Software: XSI

teaser 30 sec

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Software: XSI

This is FINAL version of my movie

I’m very happy, that I finished at time - good planning of work and self-discipline was the key :wink:

I want to thank everybody, who watched my work

Good luck everybody!

Grzegorz Szczygiel

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Very funny cowboy and ending. Good luck flashgordy:thumbsup:


i’m glad you like it

cheers :slight_smile:


Great humour and B-Movie.
I often wondered about far west films, should it belong to B or A movies ?
Definitely B.
All the best !


Thanks for the kind words

I’m happy with any positive statements about this short


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