B-Movie Entry: Grzegorz Szczygiel


Grzegorz Szczygiel is entered in the “B-Movie” update: View Challenge Page

Latest Update: Finished Video: the boat of evil - final video


in few words - duel between cowboy vs eskimo with laser gun, in desert environment

good luck to everyone !


small update :wink:


and textures


another update


cowboy with texture


character creation finish


eskimo weapon -mega cosmic fantastic laser


SHE knoooows…where is the sea


town top view


town close up


I finished modeling and texturing stage


good progress so far. Are you using blender 2.5?


Looks very promising. That laser gun cracks me up…


nice texturing town … only some tiling its seen on ground,



i use blender for modelling- these models are from version 2,49a

; yeeeah…progress…Im trying create everything very simple and optimize, but 3 months for modeling, texturing, animation, composition and eventually sound - isnt a long term

about texturing seams - ground have one texture assigned to3 planes, I will blend it by black/white map when render



I’m very unexperienced man to say something about your work but, I liked eskimo woman more without the textures.
In textures of her, there’s something missing, it may be because of the white furs in head and her arms. And seems there is a problem in her face texture too.
I don’t know really, but maybe you look at it again and that adds your work some positive details. Hope my vantage point helps you.
However, Cowboy char. and the other stuff is real good for me. Good lucks :wink:


snapshot from viewport


Hi chino01
all my picturess with texture are snapshot with flat shader, without any shading on geometry - and probably, this is the problem, anyway tx for attention :wink:


I forgot to write - cowboy rig is complete :slight_smile:


What would you say adding a weed to cowboys mouth:)
Second and third poses suitable for that.
Good work with the expressions too…