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.: The Machine Girl :.

Probably one of my most favorite B-Movies. Ridiculous concept, tons of action, over the top blood, cute girl - pretty much the perfect action film.

.: Grindhouse :.

I know it’s part of the official reference, but I wanted to put it here because it’s the pinnacle of a B-Movie tribute. A lot of good elements in these, especially the fake movie trailers in between. I can only hope to think of something this absurd.

.: Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter :.

A little known cult film that I believe was made in my city, Ottawa. It’s honestly too bad to even watch, but the concept of having Jesus Christ fighting vampires is so ridiculous that I had to add it to my list.

.: Evil Dead 1 -3 :.

No B-Movie list can be complete without Evil Dead. What could be better than a shotgun / chainsaw wielding camper gone mad fighting the evil dead? Maybe if it were also a musical (yes, I’ve actually seen an Evil Dead musical, one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen).

.: Rocky Horror Picture Show :.

Do I really need to explain or comment? NSFW (or if anyone is around that hasn’t seen this).

Everything below this one, I haven’t seen and am just posting as further reference. Feel free to comment on them or suggest ones I should watch for reference.

.: Child’s Play / Chucky :.


.: Attack of the Killer Tomatoes :.


.: Dawn of the Dead :.


.: Death Race 2000 :.


.: Godzilla :.


.: Heavy Metal :.


.: Nude on the Moon :.


.: The Story of Ricky :.


.: Killer Klowns from Outer Space :.



I don’t have an idea yet, but I know the rough direction and key features I’d like to include in the animations. I’m planning to make this an animated short since I haven’t made one for over a year now, and given I’m only working part-time, I can dedicate a lot of time to this. Some concepts I’d like to draw upon include:

[li]50’s posters as the overall visual treatment
[/li][li]80’s b-movie cheese-factor
[/li][li]current action films
[/li][li]terrible, stiff, akward acting
[/li][li]head-smacking, painfully obvious dialogue “I’d say she really… (looks at camera) … nailed it”
[/li][li]“unprofessional” quality, continuity errors, amatuer camera work, obvious wires

Here is a collection random movie posters that I’m going to hopefully use to explore the style once I have an idea.


Man it was a difficult choice between Evil Dead and Frankenstein for me. Evil dead 1 could be fun and there are not many characters and locations. For a individual 90 day mission seems doable asides from all the zbrush cool work to do. Good luck in choosing bud, clock is ticking…I will stop by again.


I don’t have a solid idea just yet, but I’m definitely leaning towards doing a cheesy action movie. Might be about zombies to pay homage to Evil Dead, might be something else entirely, not sure yet… I’m having trouble since there are so many possibilities!

Here are a few more clips I’m going to use as inspiration;

.: Undefeatable :.


.: Shark Attack 3 :.


.: RPM :.


.: 100 Cheesiest Movie Lines :.



Alright, here’s the idea I’m going to run with.

Abraham Lincoln as an American action hero. Robert E Lee is trying to devise a way to have Lincoln killed when he stumbles across a method of raising the dead. He goes about bringing life to his dead confederate soldiers and sends them after Lincoln. Lincoln is reviewing some paper work when the undead burst into his office, he stands up, says a cheesy line, looks around at the zombies around him and bursts off his jacket revealing the expected muscle action star figure. What follows is a series of horribly cliche fighting with the undead, terrible “fake” blood, cheesy lines adapted from famous quotes by Lincoln. In the end, he defeats the undead and stands up with a giant American flag in the background, and makes some form of proclamation. The End.

It’s basically a tribute to all the terrible American action movies that I love, while allowing me to a take an iconic person and give him a funny character twist.

On to developing the concept!!


Cool!, I like the idea. Cant wait to see some conceptual designs. A cheesy line for Lincoln when soldier zombies burst in his office could be “Hey you don’t work here”. Ha, sounds silly, just have fun with it.


So ! Let’s go !
We want your first sketch !


your concept is hilarious! i love it


Had a couple really busy weeks with work, working 12 hour days, but I’ve finally managed to get a script written. Will be drawing up storyboards / concept sketches by this weekend and will be catching up. Quite a bit behind, but I really want to finish this one!!

Also, I’ve decided I’m going to try and get this one done in 3D Stereo, I’ve done it before and wouldn’t mind a bit more practice with it. Plus, there are a few gags I’m going to pull using obvious 3D, like him pointing at the camera and such.

It is a dark summer evening outside the manner of Abraham Lincoln (ABE). ABE sits at the desk in his study, reviewing reports on the on-going civial war with the south.

ABE heaves a sigh as he looks to his fireplace, wishing he could go to sleep instead of review reports. He grabs another and begins to read.

There is a scratching at the window. ABE looks up from his reports.


Hmmm… these shody windows will ensure my dear home will be up the sprout come winter.

ABE returns to his papers, ignoring the noise when all of a sudden there is a loud crash.
Several UNDEAD burst through the windows, landing roughly on the ground before ABE’s desk. ABE slowly stands, watching the UNDEAD slowly get to their feet.


It would seem General Lee is up to another one of his tricks.

The UNDEAD have now stood up and scream in defiance as they slowly approach. ABE stands tall, calmly observing them.


Some people say that I cannot tell a lie. Well, I but one thing for you to consider…

ABE looks at them, tears his over-coat from himself revealing his deceptively muscular figure.


You woke up the wrong passenger!

ABE jumps to his desk in preparation to attack. The title “HONEST ABE 3D” appears breifly, before he jumps over it to attack the UNDEAD.

ABE jumps down from the table, in the middle of the UNDEAD. The UNDEAD_1 to the right of ABE jumps at him to attack, ABE ducks under the attack and punches him in the stomach, causing him to fly back into the wall, crashing to the floor. UNDEAD_2 from the left grabs ABE from behind and attempts to bite him.

ABE reaches behind his head, grabbing UNDEAD_2 by the skull. He pulls hard and tears UNDEAD_2’s head from his body, releasing a powerful spray of blood as the body stumbles around before falling to the ground.
ABE looks at the final UNDEAD_3 as it slowly approaches him.


Sometimes you must go through the mill before you see the elephant.
He winds up and throws UNDEAD_2’s severed head at UNDEAD_3. UNDEAD_3 is hit in the head and stumbles back. ABE runs and jumps into the air.

ABE flies through the air as he prepares to kick UNDEAD_3 while supported obviously by wires.



ABE continues to fly through the air as he yells. He finally comes into contact with UNDEAD_3’s chest, causing his limbs to fly off, spraying blood all over the place. ABE smiles as he looks at the mess he has created.


A house divided against itself cannot stand.

A crash at the door rattles the room ABE spins around as the door to his study bursts open revealing a crowd of UNDEAD screeching. They begin to pour into the room, slowly approaching ABE.

ABE runs back into the room and jumps over and hides behind his desk. He looks over his desk, seeing the papers he was reviewing earlier.


The ballot is stronger than the bullet.

ABE stands up, revealing that he is holding a rifle at his hips in preparation to fire.


Too bad for you, I’m all out of paper.

ABE opens fire on the crowd of UNDEAD with his “machine” gun rifle. UNEAD continue to pour in as ABE slowly walks towards them, filing them full of lead. As he nearly clears the crowd, the gun-fire ceases.

ABE looks down at his gun. Fiddling with the firing mechanisms. ABE grunts in frustration, looks up.



ABE runs at the UNDEAD and runs him through with the bayonette on the end of his rifle. The UNDEAD screams in pain, swinging wildly until it finally ceases.
ABE looks around at the carnage, throws the gun to the side and slowly walks around.

There is a loud rumble, slowly getting closer to the study. ABE looks at the doorway, gets into position and prepares for a fight.

A very large, muscular UNDEAD_BOSS soldier comes through the door way, look at ABE, challenging him. ABE smiles and looks to the undead.


I was hoping to beat the devil around the stump with you, however it would seem I must defeat this curly wolf

ABE and UNDEAD_BOSS run at each other and proceed to have a large choreographed fight (will be visually referenced in storyboards / reference video)
During the fight, the following events will take place (exchanging blows, spinning kicks, throws, slow-motion punches/reactions, bad camera cuts, obviously thrown punches, etc…)
ABE is knocked back near his desk while UNDEAD_BOSS is across the room. UNEAD_BOSS charges ABE, ABE scrambles and grabs something and points it at UNDEAD_BOSS.

UNDEAD_BOSS continues to charge and run himself through on an American flag pole. ABE rolls out from under him, revealing a waving flag sticking from the back of the now defeated UNDEAD_BOSS. He puts a foot atop his back.


Four score and seven years ago, our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and committed to…

ABE looks directly at the camera, puts on 80’s sun glasses.


Kicking Ass!



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