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Hi All;
I started in the image category, but as I began working I realized how rich this topic is. In other words I couldn’t pick one image… so I’m gonna make an attempt at a video. The decision wasn’t really all that hard. I’ll do whatever it takes to twist a project around so it includes AfterEffects.


Just starting to block out some scenes. I’m using modo for this, but I’m planning to do some claymation and hand-drawn stuff as well.




Here’s a wireframe of my master set.


I’m reposting this little storyboard. I misplaced it last week. Things are changing daily (what a surprise, huh?).


Here’s a first background for my piece. I’m planning to add some small movement-- smoke and small fires at the horizon line in AE. I may comp the title on this one.


its looks nice,

is this smoke fx looks great - what soft you used for ?


Here’s another background. Again, I’m planning a small camera move and comping in some atmosphere.


software for these guys is all photoshop. the mattes are both in layers so I can do some 2.5D work in afterEffects.


nice this second one looks very good too! very nice colors

can i ask ,did you used photos or all painted or painted over photos?
did you take photos on your own or u used some from some open sourse?

good work,


these guys are a little of all of those methods. There are 8 to 12 photos hacked and painted on in both. Some are things I shot and some are grabs. Even though these are pretty much photographic when I start to comp this stuff together I’m planning on giving them a more painterly look. I’ll post what some of my critters look like. There’s a clown in one of my other posts) I’m trying to pull 3D, photos, clay and painting together. I’m not sure what the final look will be… probably as cheap as a B movie… I hope.


Software: After Effects

checking to see if I can make this uploader work on a mac.

Play Video >>


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