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Hey! Good luck to you too my friend. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Good to see a familiar foot. :slight_smile:


Here’s my first and main idea for the moment… the idea is to show at the foreground a dying monster, a poor monster you will feel pity for, with a heavy painful wound… then in the middleground we see the ‘hero’ who has just shot the monster, protecting the typical lady in distress… and not realizing that in the far background, behind them, appears the silouette of a much bigger and angry monster, maybe looking for revenge…


liking the idea so far… be intresting to see where it goes… =)


Evil Zombie Baboons VS Super Ninjas from the future !!!
The battle will be epic, will the human race survive to see its outcome?

…just a secondary idea though, I still prefer the other one for the moment… either in this concept or the previous one I may try to play with rain effect, I’ve never done an image with rain and it could look good…

thanks for your comments guys! :slight_smile:


LOL No sooner that i post my idea that i see this
Good luck dude:thumbsup:


I’m not having much free time for this, but here’s something else I thought today… probably not very original, I don’t know…

The attack of the woman with an bag full of oranges!!!
The attack of the 50ft cleaning lady!!!

I still don’t know which concept of all posted here I’ll follow, maybe the first one, any opinions?


Uh ! I understand now !
You had the same idea ! :surprised


hey elmasfeo!

The attack of the 50 ft cleaning lady is a great idea :smiley:


- :slight_smile: nice to see you around too!

Darksuit - thanks for posting, I’ll try not to dissapoint you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Rols - yeah, hehe, I saw it later, we had almost exactly the same idea, and almost with the same words, which is difficult! but I wont follow that one, I’ll check yours to see how it goes :slight_smile:

gpepper - hehe, yes, I seem to be having the same ideas as other people, so I’ll probably follow withmy first concept, which is the only one so far that doen’t look too much like what someone else is already doing… and which is the one that I most like yet

Yakonosuke - hey, nice to see you again, and glad that you like the idea, but gpepper was doing something similar and I’m not that much in love with that concept, plus I’m too lazy to draw a whole city, hehe…

So for the moment the winner concept is still the first one, tomorrow I’ll try to do some more detailed sketches…


Hey there,
Love the granny idea and the Zombie baboons Vs the ninja…sweet


My vote on the cleaning lady. Her expression of discuss at the filth lining around is nice. I also like the idea she mite not be able to see or hear the horror that she is causing and is wondering the streets dazed and confused.


I think Granny ‘cleaning up’ the city wins by far! Awesome idea!


Hey tocayo!!! :smiley:

Great to see you in this challenge!! :smiley:

Great concept and sketches. Like a lot the sketch with the lady on the building, cool!

All the best my friend and waiting for more updates!! Cheers!! :beer: ( pa que no extrañes las chelas bien helodias!! :D)


I’m finally getting time to see some others work, very cool stuff! Also thanks for the comment on my work it keeping me going. I just want to return the favor, the granny idea is looking very promising and funny keep up the good work man and make time lets all get to the end of this challenge together.

Peace Mayo.


Sorry for the lack od updates, I’ve been sick for some days, and just after that I went on some short holidays… I’m not happy yet with any of my current concepts, but I think I should start focusing on one of them and moving on… here’s something else I thought the other day, it’s called “The zombie farm and the princess from Mars” …and I obviously need some references for shotguns and how to hold them :P, although I thought later that maybe I could change it for a steak or something weirder…


element5, LucasLicata, grumposaur, Fer and Mayo, thanks all of you for your comments! :slight_smile:
sorry for not replying before, I really appreciate your input and encouragement!
so it seems that a lot of people likes the cleaning woman idea, also here at home, but I’m still hesitating about following a concept I doesn’t ‘click’ completely for me… ok, it’s funny, but… I’ll try to decide soon, thanks a lot again!


great looking characters and nice style
My opinion is spreading hand protecting the girls makes holding the shotgun look wierd. I mean since he has a shotgun, it’s better to show him with aiming pose.


Hey Tocayo,

Glad you are well :slight_smile:

Like your second concept. Think you can go for a some sort of evil mutant fighting bull versus some sort of heroic “matador”. That image comes to my mind when I see your sketch ( Don´t listen to me :D)

Nice work and waiting for more updates. Cheers!! :beer:

( Y ya no te tomes las cervatanas tan helodias, que despues te enfermas :D)


Here’s a new sketch, based on the last idea, but changing the layout to something more dynamic and similar to my first concept, and adding the fearful cleaning lady that had so much acceptance :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Pegahoul - thanks, :slight_smile: changed his pose, I think you were completely right
Fer - heeey gracias compadre, ya pasó todo y vuelvo a estar en forma!! un tequililla seguro que me devuelve la energía y el calorcillo que voy echando de menos! :smiley: