B-Movie Entry: Fabio Oscar Corica


YAAAwwwnnn…hem…Today I bought a brand new sketchbook.
Oh i love it! i love start scribbling and skeching on it!Is the better way to start a challenge to me.
Now is very late…so…I’ll start drawing something tomorrow…good night everyone from the dark side of the planet,and…have a good time to everyone else…


Hey Fabio,

You dont have more excuses… you have a lot of new and blank paper :smiley: Come on, bring your concepts! :smiley:

Waiting to see the first scribbles and sketches on your brand new sketchbook :smiley: Cheers!! :beer:


Good luck on the contest! looking forward to some WIP


Good (late) morning from Florence to everyone.In the week end I had to fix things here and there in the studio,so i did NOTHING for the challenge.Jut looking a bit to my B-Movie collection…(i love it). Today is -3° but sunny…mmh…good…I hope to draw something,but as ever…monday is a wild busy day!


In theese days the moca is my best friend.It’s Odd how many coffe i drink and how calm I em…so… i expect a psikophisical breakdown in a close FUTURE!! TOO MUCH COFFEE MAN!!! but…i need more and more.About the challenge…I had ideas only about video challenge.I need more free time to wander everywhere in search of inspiration!!!But…above all…FORGIVE MY ENGLISH!! SpaaaagheTTIII!!!


Cool concept :smiley:

Looking forward for more.



Hey Oz this sketch is amazing! How long did this take you. Your new sketchbook is powerful indeed :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:

Lol all kidding aside, can`t wait to see where your mind takes us!

I love your coffee pot. I have a cappuccino machine at home that is older than the wheel and looks really similar to what you have. there is no on/off switch. It’s either plugged in and on or unplugged and off. Its scuzzy and dirty, I cant remember the last time I gave it a good scrubbing, and it makes the most awesome caps ever!

Cheers and I hope you find your inspiration soon!





to RageofAges : HAHAHAHAHA…oh yeah! cool concept uh!? hehehe Well…il love takin’photo and post as a blog…o sorry a B-log…so im sorry, i will put a lot more garbage here! hehe.

WOW:…I WANT IT! i mean…you described you cappuccino machine so well…that now i want one! Dirty old and good working! Coffe cups and capuccinos RULEZ!

to Russel-Nash: Heh…i hope to post some REAL concept too!!!

to FranciscoAlvarezDelgado: TNX a lot been here! Still scribbling paniting and prototyping…i still dont know what damn come out!!

to Ferx: Sweeet book of my dreams! I got it every day everywhere (sometime in bathroom too!..((a friend of mine think that wc sitting sessions are moments of pure and inspired creativity…heemmm)))… berfore of after i hope to have a brilliant idea…!! any ideas! a idea…:blush:


It is a wild busy period.So as ever i have very little time for challenges…SIGH! anyway the first ideas are coming out…umm…Em I close to post some concept?? I hope so!


Wild budy…but not inactive about this challenge…
surely I cant finish in time but…anyway…i got something to post.


Doctor Drone…


The general idea is to give the image a 1930’s moive look.similar to “METROPOLIS”, or “The things to come”.


Some more detail…


Done on the shape of Marlene Dietrich…this is the pivot character of the scene…“THE QUEEN of ROBOT ZOMBIES”…


Hey Fabio,

Welcome back :smiley:

Cool model and textures, really great : That robot looks awesome.
The Marlene Dietrich face is really nice, like the art deco style on it. ( The “Metropolis” inspiration" :D)

Waiting for more updates ( you have time to finish this concept, come on!! ) :smiley: Cheers!! :beer:


To Frex:Tnx a lot! I need a bit of encouragment!!! :beer:


I love this guy! I love brains and green mysterious potions in dirty glass bulbs!! I love this challenge!!


The brain robot looks cool. I love the distorted view of the brain through the fluid! Nice texture details as well. What kind of scene or composition are you going for?


to archaeotect: OW TNX!!! well…I got to post some concept…but…i want to make a classic 30’s looking poster.at the centre/top of it the title “the queen of robot zombies” then the queen itself. In a lower position…at the side of the scene 2 sub boss character…
One of them is the one in the render you have posted about.
At bottom of the image will be the army of robot zombies and the hero,looking desperate to the queen.



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