B-Movie Entry: Evert Krooswijk


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Not quite finished


The images in this storyboard are compiled from everything from Google image search to screendumps out of Google Earth.

The pictures here are just placeholders and will all be made into original artwork.


MFX your story looks complete and well composed :slight_smile: I dont know how are you going to manage the diabolical dust bunnies but it’s detailes.
Your story reminded me one song i usedto listen(Ageing Young Rebel Feat Ken Nordine - Dj Food) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m-MFQRhKq9I , fast forward to 3 minute and you’ll get what I’m thinking.

best of luck!


Thanks Digi,

What a cool movie… I was thinking of going for a stop-motion effect myself, on the dustbunnies. (Which is also a good way of hiding that i’m not much of an animator.)

I’ll be modeling all props and scenery in Maya, including the Dustbunnies. I’ll be using live-action for all the humans. The biggest trick there is getting everyone (including myself) to sound like Americans and not let any of our horrid Dutch accent slip in. :eek:

I’m currently working on an animated storyboard, to explore the timing on the animation and voice-over. (but I ceep cringing at the sound of my own voice.)

I’m also working on the outside scenery, which is the biggest modeling job. I’ve created a laboratory and have been experimenting on normalmaps to create a chainlink fence, without exploding the number of poly’s.

For the dustbunnies I was thinking of using maya-fur. Biggest challenge there will be making a believeable way of sticking a bunch of eyes in there.

I’ts going to be a team effort, with me doing the 3D-stuff, My friend Casper doing the music and sound effects, and his friend Tui (I hope I spelled your name right) doing the montage and title effects. They’ll be joining here soon.

I already got some WIP shots of the laboratory, i’ll be posting them later today.


So here’s the WIP of the lab…

…and there’s the (sort of) finished model…


about the eyes, I’d recomend doing them with animated alpha textures. Since in 3D making realistic eyes is a real pain to do.
About a year ago i did one commercial for risso, there I used animated alpha textures with a displacment maps. That fitted perfectlly, and since eyes were the last thing to render I was able to tweak them in post compositing.
example image: http://www.frostfx.ee/projects/anton/risso-girls3.JPG
and video: http://www.frostfx.ee/projects/anton/risso-est-low.mov

For my entry I will make all the characters emotions using textures - normals, displace and diffuse.

about modeling and stuff, I don’t really know what style of environment and characters you we use, but I’d recomend you, if you want to safe time, to watch this making of (photo mapping) - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYCTHoUVLXQ&feature=fvsr

hope that was of any help :slight_smile:


Thanks for the examples… The Risso commercial looks really good. Kudos man. :beer:
I’m certainly gonna look into using alpha textures. As for the modeling, that’s what i consider the fun part, so i would feel like i’m cheating using photo mapping for the enviroment. But it looks awesome in the commercial you linked.

I’m currently working on the rest of the outside enviroment… I’ve added a delipidated warehouse.


This is the lab with the ‘supercomputer’ in which the proverbial feces hit the fan…


Those renders are beautiful. Can you give me a hint on the settings?


Thanks Lunar…

It’s really so simple that you won’t believe it’s really only one button. :stuck_out_tongue:

Go to your Mental Ray render settings in Maya, go to the indirect lightning tab, press Physical Sky & Sun and presto…

You get a directional light, that mimics the sun, the lower the angle, the later in the day it gets…

Set your MR Render settings to production quality and you’ll be turning out renders like these. :deal:


It’s been a while since I updated this thread, but the project is still very much alive. In fact: we start shooting the live-action sequences this Sunday. We’ve built an improvised green screen and did some tests that looked promising.

I’ve broken down the script into the necessary digital sets:

  • Planet Earth (exterior, obviously)
  • Brooklyn Street (exterior)
  • Laboratory (interior)
  • Evil Genius lab (interior)
  • Bathroom stall (interior)

Planet Earth set:
Need to create planet earth model with a hi-res mesh of new-york area, some clouds and maybe a sputnik whizzing by. 0% progress here.

Brooklyn Street set:
By far the most complex set. Most of the action takes place on this set. Set is at about 60% now. Need to build some more houses and add details like phone-poles, fire hydrants, cars, random junk.

Laboratory, interior set:
Room with mainframe-type computers, lots of blinking lights and whizzing tape-spools. About 40% done now.

Evil Genius lab set:
Really nothing more than a bubbling chemistry set and maybe an ‘evilness’ motivational poster in the background. 0% as of yet.

Bathroom stalls:
Just a row of bathroom stalls, with one door closed. 0% progress.

Still looks like I’ll get everything finished in time… Getting a lot of practice in UV-mapping here and getting much better at it. (Still hate it though.)

The biggest remaining task is creating the actual dust bunnies.


I don’t know what it is about it but that barbed wire fence is looking swish! :thumbsup: Keep it up!


Software: Maya

Because every good movietrailer starts “in a world…” I thought it’d make the natural starting point for my movie.

It’s a simple playblast of the first few seconds, I think i’ll ad some spin to the Sputnik and maybe make the camera bounce even more violently…

Play Video >>


I’m wondering: is it legal (and within the rules of this contest) to use screencaps from Google maps for this movie?


I think unless you make millions with your movie everything is leagal, but just to be sure you could mention it in credits.

how the dust bunny development going?


Software: Maya

I’ve rendered out the first shot. There is some weird flickering on the shader-glow that makes up earth’s atmosphere. don’t know how that happened, maybe it has something to do with the motion blur i added at render-time. Thoughts anyone?

Play Video >>


I think unless you make millions with your movie everything is leagal, but just to be sure you could mention it in credits.

how the dust bunny development going?

Hello again Anton,
I later posted the question on the CGchallenge-FAQ, and one of the mods advised against it. I’m thinking I’ll create some very cloudy weather which the camera dives into and maybe I’ll just beg to a couple of satellite imaging companies for a freebie ;).

Dust bunny development is still not underway… I should really start that too… Ah so much to do, so little time.


The only ones to ask wether you can use GoogleEarth images is Google, but I doubt that they would allow it. And, contrary to digiboxoffice, I think the question wether your movie makes money is completely irrelevant to how legal the use of someone’s images is. Think of how Youtube (owned by Google) fights the use of copyright protected songs even in non-commercial amateur videos.
But if you are looking for earth textures, most of NASA’s satellite images are public domain and can be used for both commercial and non-commercial projects:
Hope that helps!
cheers, archaeotect


Software: Maya

Here is a first look at one of the evil dustbunnies. the eyes need more work and the needs to be a bit of dirt and stuff caught inside the bunny, and their hair should be moving as if influenced by static electricity.

I’ts a pretty staightforwarward maya-fur mapped to an invisible skull.

Play Video >>


Thanks for the link Archeotect. The hirez images on the link you provided got me a little closer on to the New York/Conneticut area.

Still, I want to be able to push even farther in with te camera, all the way to street level, where I can disolve the picture into my 3D scene.