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Latest Update: Work In Progress: Mother


I had a vision of the scene today and I put it down rapidly.

The story as follows: catastrophic neighbors live a flat above us, and my mum is going crazy from all the racket they caused over the past few years since they moved in, and continue to cause it to day since. She tried everything but calling the police, which she will eventually as a last resort. So until then she will have her revenge in this piece.

If all goes well I’ll be modeling the participants in zbrush and the scenery (room and the furniture) in 3ds max. Render it in 3ds as well.

Thanks for watching1 :wink:


Thank you for sharing your story with us. It is cool that you are drawing inspiration for your piece from a real life event. Not many B movies can claim this :smiley:

good luck and looking forward to your progress.



Zbrush work in progress. I started from a low poly base, which is a real pain in the … for me as opposed to starting from a primitive and then retopologizing, but since I got this far I’ll proceed with it and try to make the best of it :slight_smile:

I hid the eyes till I get them right. There will be no glasses in the final.

C&C welcome!


heh, it’s funny but i feel the complete opposite usually. i find a low res mesh keeps me focused on the major features for longer and i usually don’t require much (if any) changes to the topology when working that way.

i find retopologising to be a sort of complicated annoyance though, so maybe it’s my workflow for that process which is the problem…

either way i think the sculpt is looking good. my initial thoughts lean towads the nose being too rounded on the tip and perhaps the face being a little too androgynous although that might just be the lack of eyes. for a WIP though, this is looking great :slight_smile:


Thanks for your comments guys! Could you please explain what do you mean by androgynous? I’m unfamiliar with that term, I can only guess it means man/woman hehe. But anyhow the cheeks seem rather strange and uniform like of a robot now, hopefully I’ll change that by the end as well :slight_smile:

Thanks again!


Androngynous means lacking the defining features of either sex, so androgynous clothes would be ones that can be worn by either a man or a woman. I think :smiley:


Yes. Androgynous means that the model can look either like a man or woman.



Thanks again for your explanations and time guys! Then it’s ok, because she was often cofused to a boy. I have this article from the newspaper with her where they write about “him” :smiley:

I wanted to say a couple more things about the modeling process of this head, and other zbrush models will be done in different fashion, of which I’ll speak when it comes to it.

So this model was started from a low poly base which I use(d) extensively. I also use a skull model I had done some time ago and put it inside the head for better anatomy, of which I occasionally turn transparency on. I’ve been modeling it for about a week now, first couple of days from pictures to set the proportions right (no image plane, just observation), then followed two days of my mother posing to me (she’s very impatient so it lasted 15 mins tops both times, but was very helpful indeed), and now I’m back to examining photos for detail, simultaneously sculpting and polypainting as I go. I spend about 2 hours daily on it directly, but perhaps it is not less important to say that I spend most of remaining time speed sculpting and examining anatomy inside zbursh, cause it really reflects on this model.

See you with new updates!


I’ve been portraying my mum some more today. Having so much trouble with the eyes. Done some alterations to the cheeks and polypaint to look more like her. That’s it for this static pose I’m now going to figure out the face expression so I don’t have to do all the now missing details twice.

I’m focusing on her, cause probably the other players will be alterations of this model, since they won’t be seen that much. in the scene Oh yes, there’ll be our dog in it as well :slight_smile:

Comments very welcome!


I just didn’t like the previous render hence this one :slight_smile:


Little progress. C&C welcome!


Impressive model! the haircut is splendid! I love this style! great work!


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