B-Movie Entry: Darko Vučenik


Duncs, bstout than you for the comments, glad you like it.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

Here are a couple of animated shoots. I played with bluing to get a bit more depth on 2d animated cutouts.

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Forgot to post storyboard before so here it is now.


Tough woodcutters. They will be walking and talking smack while a tree zombie is sneaking behind their backs.


A lost girl character for the title shot.


sexy lost girl, nice ! i like your style very much,
good luck on finish line!


the animated shot looked cool, and the design looks great.
I hope you have time to finish this one :slight_smile:


Thank you guys, glad you like it.:slight_smile: It’s going well so it seems I won’t have any problems finishing in time.


Some evil trees that will be around the lost girl.


This is a background with a squashed evil flower.


I love the look of this project. Keep up the good work, and best of luck!


Great work mate. Good luck! :slight_smile:


Wow this is looking sweet. I am still confused how you are putting it together using max render it out. How did you animate the man running and render it in max?


very interesting style and approach! it has a kind of fairy-tale feel with a B-movie twist. like a children’s storybook come to life…only more violent, heh. nice work so far, keep it up!


RBahn, Aerendyl - thank you guys.
AlBrown - below is a little example of how I made the running guy. Basically standard cutout techniques with added benefits of actually being able to deform the elements instead just rotating and moving them.
nucron - he, he, i actually illustrate children’s books for living among other things.:slight_smile:


Here is an example how I assemble my cutout puppets. After a rough sketch on paper, I copy each body part on a separate piece of paper (cleaning up the drawing and adding some more detail). Also I create some different poses as needed (hands and impaled head in example)Then the drawings are scanned and colored in photoshop. In 3D max, simple flat geometry is created and then skinned to a bone rig.If the part won’t deform by skinning or morphing (for faces) then no special mesh is created and I just use a plane primitive instead.


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

In this shoot I decided to make a cell shader 3d boot to get a better looking motion when it,s grinding the flower pivoting around its axis. I am pretty satisfied at how 3d element blended whit the rest of a 2d trailer.

Play Video >>


Wow! i love the concept! good luck man!


This is VERY NICE ENTRY! Concept and animation looks great!:bowdown:


Very cool and unique way to rig and animate drawings in 3ds max! Would have never thought of something like this. :thumbsup: