B-Movie Entry: Darko Vučenik


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Latest Update: Finished Video: Trailer, making of, final video


My movie will be titled “Killer Woods of Misty Mountain”. I plan to make it using 2D cutout techniques oppose to my usual 3D stuff. I see it as something fun to experiment with.


Some pencil sketches of background trees. Not too detailed as I will need to draw many more to get sufficient diversity.


Just a bit of color on one of the trees.


Hey dude, nice trees…

we have a lot of trees in our entry as well… :slight_smile: but ours are 3D!

good luck


Some more woodsy for background assembly.


End even more trees.


The Tree’s are amazing really nice. are you going to comp them into the scene as they are or are you going to build them up, to be honest I think it would be a shame not to use them if you could.


Hey really nice work on the concept design for your trees, i like the texture work and detail. Are you gonna model them or will you use them as mattepainting?


Really, really like the artwork for your trees. Beautifully drawn. Looking forward to more posts. Best of luck!


Amazing drawings.

Paulo C. Duarte


Yes- I love the look of those trees…


Than you for the comments.
Here is a progress update. I drew some more plants, rocks and dry leafs for the groundcover.


Here are all the plants composited in the 3D max scene.Large trees were positioned by hand. I used particle flow to scatter the leafs over the ground. The rest of the small plants were simply sprayed on using object painter script
Although all the objects (except the ground plane)are simple planes it is still somewhat slow to render because I need to use super sampling to avoid jittering of grainy textures (around 40 seconds per frame).


Software: 3ds max,After Effects,Photoshop

Here is a test video for the woods.

Play Video >>


This is a first victim of an angry tree. He is unnamed logging company supervisor.


wow, cool drawings. and very original.


Common variety evil tree, pencil drawing and colored version.


This looks amazing Darko, your drawings are full of atmosphere. They’re really nicely stylised but retain a sense of realism - I’m not sure how I’ve managed to miss it up till now but I’ll definately be keeping an eye on this entry from now on!

Keep going



great concept art, your drawing kicks butt.