B-Movie Entry: Dan Naughton


Man believe me your work has to be a film…Excellent story…Very good narration…
Amazing images…Animation what can i say…I love it…

Congratulations.Maybe its time to make a short and believe me you have one fan from Athens.



Your story is feelable in your movie, this is what i like with your lighting.
Maybe with more dynamic cameras and characters, you would have released a masterpiece.
Very nice entry:thumbsup:
Good luck jabadan


Great film !
I love how you take the frame and the camera movement
very cinematographic. i like the music too. It give a cool Tim Burton-ish
feeling to your film.
Excellent job !


Great work man! finally I could see, was very curious to know how been the final work.
congratulations and good luck!


Thanks for the comments everyone. Glad you enjoyed it.


Amazing story and directing. Top movie.
All the best !:beer:


Thanks. This was a fun project and it’s getting me into doing more shorts.


I simply enjoyed watching this!


I guess the competition was too tight for them to choose a few winners. Please continue your amazing work. Your entry was a joy to watch. The sheer amount of quality and work you have put in so less time is absolutely inspiring.


Yeah, Dan sorry you didn’t win but your entry was among my favorites! :thumbsup: Keep up the good work!



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