B-Movie Entry: Dan Naughton


I am using Mental Ray for all my shots. Thanks!


Software: Maya

So for this shot I wanted the saucer to lift up some cars. I attached rigid bodies to the cars and applied and newton field to give it that random crazy movement.

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nice story man and love the character too its the classic american fat guy.

and also the environments and nice very cool stuff.

keep it up.


Very nice animation you got there. Your color style is very impressive.

I like reflection on the alien space ship. Superb lightening of the scene.


Your tests are pretty cool.
The design are very interesting and great.

I love the magnetive beam on the cars test.
Great job.


This is looking awesome! Great job!


Thanks everyone for the comments. Much appreciated.


Software: Maya

So the invasion has begun. In this shot a cop car gets blasted. I’m rendering with maya software for the time being to save some render time.

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like all ur motion!
green laser too héhé :applause:


Software: Maya,mental ray

In this shot we see that the invasion is full on. Rendered with mental ray using maya. I comped in the character and used a post DOF.

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Fantastic!!! Just love it! Colors, Mood, Composition everything! :slight_smile:



i would suggest some heavy filtering. Maybe desaturate everything except when a color spikes, so your’ll get a more refined look.
scratches and dust, or a VHS treatment would also help alot.

i like the concept, and the animation is good. The final look lacks the same polish.


Great shots you have so far. Everything has a good look and feel to it.


you rock dano…


Awesome. I love all of ur shots.
Keeep goinnnnnnnnn :applause:


Software: Maya

It’s been a few weeks since my last update. Been working hard on this project. Just about done. Yeah!!!
Here is a little walker animation scene.Created in maya.

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that is very cool. It really feals enourmous that robot.


These are the original storyboards for my short.


These are the original storyboards for my short.


These are the original storyboards for my short.