B-Movie Entry: Dan Naughton


great work. can’t believe you are rendering already !


it’s coming along great man! love it!


Thanks everyone. It’s starting to come together. Still have a lot to do.


Very well done so far. I like the overall concept. Cant wait to see the final.


Software: Maya

This is another shot from the short. Playing around with the lighting. I think it looks pretty good on his hair. I’ll try to post more shots as they come along. I don’t want to show too much. Haha.

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nice shot , i like hairs and light occuring them

you mentioned you dont want to show too much … hehe … what are you hiddnig :slight_smile: i expect lot of action!

great work


Software: Maya

I’m starting to get some robot renders finished. This image shows the introduction to Robby the robot. He plans to murder Herb in his own home. Oh the humanity.


Software: Maya

This render shows Herb terrified of the robot in his living room. Soon I’ll have some action shots of the neighborhood being attacked.


Software: Maya

Here I have a render of Robby running after Herb.


Software: Maya

Just a test shot of Robby running at the camera.

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This is great. I really like the colors. Really unique.


Software: Maya

In this shot I have the aliens attacking a mall. This is the intro to that scene. Just testing out the reflections on the saucer. Enjoy.

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Thanks for all the comments everyone. I’m having a blast making this and I’ll have some really cool footage coming soon. Thanks!:slight_smile:


hey i like the camera angle you chose for this shot. it really works well. The reflection on the bottom of the ship looks cool too. looking forward to seeing more.


Looking very nice! I can imagine the ground rumbling as the ship goes overhead already!!


Is the camerashake done by hand in that last shot?
Cause I really like the shaking, and my team are discussing whether to do camera shake in maya or in post…


Aliens just know where the good stuff is :slight_smile: I wish one day aliens would attack a strip club…that would be funny.
I’m not a big fan of clean refflections, because allmost everything in nature is glossy. And I cant imagine space ship going through the atmosphere so clean. Allthough glossy ref. boost your render time… I’d suggest making flying pieces of paper and other dust in a foreground :slight_smile:


your project is starting to look good - what render engine are you using in maya??


For that last shot I used Nuke for the camera shake. I try to do most of the camera shake in maya to control it a little better, but for this one I added it in post to see what it would look like. I think it looks pretty good. Plus it saved a lot of render time for me.


Great suggestion, I’m totally putting some dust in that shot. As for the reflections I’m also not a big fan but I’m going for the campy look. Thanks!:smiley: