B-Movie Entry: Dan Naughton


Looks excellent - it’s really coming along nicely… I agree with harmless about the camera position though.

Keep it up


awesome ur character is coming to life. :beer:

i agree with james opinion about camera angle.


Thanks everyone. I agree with you statement, a low camera would do much better. Thanks!!


ooohhh yeaaah…keep pumpin out the goodies…


Software: Maya

Sorry for the cheesy title. Check out some new animation. I’m really starting to like this robot. Thanks!

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It’s cool animation but the camera move seems backwards. Wouldn’t you want to start at the feet then have the camera wander up to show how tall he is?


Reminds me of War of the Worlds, but I like yours better!


Software: Maya

So…Just trying out the saucer rig. It’s pretty crude animation so beware!! Thanks.

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I dunno about crude but effective…dam right! I love the way the beam flits around. And the robot walking is spot on.

This one is really coming together nicely.


Software: Maya

I have a render to show. Let me know what you think. I wish I had audio for this. Thanks!

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Nice. It will be great shot. I like camera move and animation and overall colours…

Something with explosion state not fits perfecly. Also light could lighten up more when its stands on this bulding ( in Ps or in 3D) . Robot shader(more metal look) was better in your previous tests renderings but those little dirt bumps makes it look more detailed and this is cool.


Hey Dan

Nice job on this shot. It's coming together nicely. I can feel fear and shock.


Software: Maya

I have some new renders of Herb. I have added glasses and changed some minor issues. I’m still working on the rig but it seems to be deforming well. Next on the list…facial rig.


You’re doing very well - I don’t imagine he’s the easiest guy to get nice deformations on. Looking forward to seeing him animated.



Software: Maya

I’m now starting to render shots. This is a frame from my intro. This shot is setting up the location for the entire short.


Hey Dan coming together nicely. Can you share how you placed the houses. Did you place them all individually or did you use some sort of instancing script? It looks like most of the objects are low poly so I don’t imagine it would take a lot of memory if you did place them individually. Just Curious! :slight_smile:


Software: Maya

This is the first shot in my short. I’m going for the overly saturated look since there are so many colorful things to look at.

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Hi, thanks for the comments. When I made the neighborhood I started with the road. Then onto building one house and hand placing each one down the street. Basically, I made one street block and duplicated it a few times. The easy way out. :thumbsup:


Great style!
I loved the alien walker.

All the best!


Software: Maya

I put Herb in the main set to test out some lighting. I wasn’t sure how his sss would hold up. It’s getting there. I should have video by tomorrow night. Thanks.