B-Movie Entry: Dan Naughton


fat man looks great :slight_smile:


Alien walker looks great , simple and fun.


love it… derek looks great :wink: hahahaha…
good luck with the challenge and I can’t wait to see more…


Software: Maya

WIP Living Room. This is kinda the feel and look I’m going for. No textures yet but soon. Most of the short takes place in this room. Suggestions are most welcome.


I love the mood of the classic living room. What kind of pictures or paintings are going to be on those walls? Good opportunity to have something interesting or sublime up there. Keep it up.


This is looking Sweet! The living room with the blue tones really sets the mood!


Good progress you have there. I like the character, the room still needs a lot of details though … good work anyway :slight_smile:


lookin great there jaba… you should have pictures of random junk food instead of family photos…or main character with Ronald Mcdonald… something along those lines…keep it upski…


Software: Maya

So, I’m pretty close to finishing up the living room. This is the look and feel I’m trying to get. Very saturated colors, heavy on the blues and oranges. Thanks for looking!


Thanks for the all the great comments. I managed to get a couple funny pictures on the walls. Some random family on the internet and the Enterprise shuttle. This guy is a hardcore nerd.


Yeah, SSS all the way.


Software: Maya

Still working on it. I’m trying to keep it very simple but with nice lighting. It reminds me of Edward Scissorhands. Thanks for looking.


Just diggin the retro feel of this. Totally 60’s -70’s look. I especially like the neighborhood. The living room is very good and I like how the furniture is kinda placed haphazardly and asymmetrical. :thumbsup:


There is really nice feel in the evironment. i can feel the style that u r goin for ur movie.
good job man :slight_smile:


Software: 3ds max

I’m testing out the 3ds max plugin FumeFX. I think I’ll be useing this for my spaceship attack. Cool! Sorry for the really short video sample.

Play Video >>


This looks exciting, looks like your having fun. Can’t wait to see more


Great progress!
You want to keep it all night time?


Green smoke looks great. Animation of laser spiral makes awsome dynamic move .


Software: Maya

SO…I have a little video of my giant walker. It’s just a playblast, sorry. I was testing out my rig, popped in a few keyframes and there you have it. Let me know what you think of the size. Thanks!

Play Video >>


I think the scale is good but we are probably losing a little of the effect because the camera is above the houses. Might be more dramatic if the camera was at human eye-level with the same focal point.

One of my favorite entries. Well done!