B-Movie Entry: Dan Naughton


Final short

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Very cool trailer. I especially like the ‘destroy humanity’ sequence.
Great lighting ! Keep it up.:thumbsup:


Romantically apocalyptic! :slight_smile:
Good job! music sync is perfect. montage is nice. Didn’t really catch the trailer feeling, but you definately have a story!

good work!


VERY NICE WORK! You really catch that feel of 50’s.Best to you!


Software: 3ds max,Maya

Old version of Full trailer, making of and short.

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Wow. Incredible job! What a treat to watch!

please please please consider changing the robot voice. with respect to your high-quality piece, the robot voice is just plain awful.

I think all the other sounds are great and the music is a perfect fit. Well done.


Great job! Congratulations on finishing - and with time to spare :bowdown:

Everything looks and sounds great, I especially love the sense of weight and scale you’ve achieved with the walkers.


Super! Shots are amazing. I like very much this ‘observer’ style of camera work.
Great !

I agree with harmless about voise.


Fantastic I’m loving it! Great music. Good luck with judging - shoud be good!


Superb job Dan. I really enjoyed watching it. All the best in the Competition! :slight_smile:



Way to go, man! This is a stellar entry! Oh yeah, this is Edan. Best of luck! It looks great!


Thanks Everyone. I’m glad you enjoyed it. As for the voice. Yeah…It’s my voice and it’s not good. Sorry you had to go through that. Hahaha.


UPDATED: After a few comments from the forum I decided to change the trailer and shorten the making of. I think they’re much better. Enjoy Alien Invasion’s final submission.

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oh yeah :slight_smile: sound is so cool now!

I knew from beginning you will do realy nice piece. Its simple, funny and shots are great( i like shots most :slight_smile: )!


Thanks, the sound really helps. Plus no more terrible voice over. hahaha


I’d like to reiterate my last post, the robot voice is what is rough around the edges. The old voiceover was fine. As a matter of fact I liked the old voiceover. It had a B-movie feel to it.

The robot voice is very distorted and really hard on the ears.

Also the new version has a weaker ending for the 30 second trailer. We see clips of things then it just stops playing. I can’t remember any issues with your older version (maybe the older voiceover helped with that?). In the newer version you’d have to do something like shuffle the robot shooting clip to the end of the trailer and make him fire at camera, or put in the plane crashing and cut there. It needs to end on a strong note.

You can totally disagree with me! I just didn’t want my opinion to be misunderstood :wink:


Good stuff, I like what you’ve created, great styling and look to it all, looks mint!
Good luck :wavey:


Great comments. I wish I had more time to make the changes. I do appreciate your comments. Thanks:D


Man believe me your work has to be a film…Excellent story…Very good narration…
Amazing images…Animation what can i say…I love it…

Congratulations.Maybe its time to make a short and believe me you have one fan from Athens.



Your story is feelable in your movie, this is what i like with your lighting.
Maybe with more dynamic cameras and characters, you would have released a masterpiece.
Very nice entry:thumbsup:
Good luck jabadan