B-Movie Entry: Dan Naughton


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Latest Update: Finished Video: FINAL TRAILER, MAKING OF AND SHORT


Here is a little piece of concept for the attack pods. The arms extend to the ground for easy pickup. Once it grabs the humans it places them inside the head. It opens up like a kettle and place them inside.


My inspiration for this project comes from several films. Including Mars Attacks, War of the Worlds, This Island Earth. The alien invasion themes always come to mind when thinking about B movie ideas. I’m trying to go for the classic radio announcer narration along with classic television broadcasts. This should be a fun challenge and I can’t wait to see all the other submissions.


Software: GIMP

Here is a little piece of concept for the attack pods. The arms extend to the ground for easy pickup. Once it grabs the humans it places them inside the head. It opens up like a kettle and place them inside.


Software: Photoshop

This piece of concept was inspired from the film This Island Earth. I have always liked the look of the aliens in this film. It seems iconic for classic sci-fi B-movie.


Renders coming soon. :slight_smile:


Nice Concept man!
Good luck!


Software: Maya

Modeling process on the main character. Still working on the head.


Software: Maya

Here is a brief outline of what I’m trying for.

OUTLINE: Alien Invasion

Starting Location: Living room

Fat guy lying down on the couch. Wearing a wife beater, sweatpants and glasses. You see he starts to dose off. The tv is on in the background playing a B-movie marathon. The man starts to get tired. Several shots of him falling asleep watching the tv.

The house begins to shake, then silence. The man looks around confused and frightened. After a few seconds of silence the man starts looking around the couch for the remote. He looks to his left and sees the remote in the hands of a giant killer robot. The responds with a â??thanksâ??. The robot replies with a â??your welcomeâ?? in robot voice of course. The man leaps from the couch and starts running away from the robot. They continue to chase each other around the couch for a few laps.

The roof to the house is lifted from the walls. The tall alien walker lifts and throws the roof off to the side. The man screams and continues to run. The giant claw from the waker picks up the man as he runs in place. The man is lifted and dropped into the head of the walker where he is shredded in the massive robot.

The camera pans around the suburb neighborhood as we watch the destructive forces from the aliens. Spaceships destroying houses, alien robots flipping cars and breaking structures. This goes on for a while.

Back at starting house. The man wakes up from the invasion dream. The tv shows a similar robot from his dream. The man’s â??wifeâ?? asks off screen if he wants any coffee. The man says â??yesâ?? as he cools down from the awful dream he just had. The camera pans up as the coffee is being stirred. She yells to him â??you want cream with that, hahahahahaâ?? in robot voice. The robot squeezes an eyeball over the coffee, a white cream shoots out of the eye. The mans wife is the killer robot from his dreams.

The camera leaves the house through the kitchen window. Mass destruction is taking place across the neighborhood as the real alien invasion takes place.



Dan, really nice modeling on the fat guy and the space ship. Can’t wait to see more!


Hey Dan ur concept is turning out really cool. i specially like the Gimp charcter’s Idea.

Good Luck :slight_smile:


Here is a little taste of Ruth. Robot concept from the film Forbidden Planet!


I like all yours designs!! Good luck! :slight_smile:


I like your robot design man. I think hands and fingers can be better or may u did it that way for purpose. :slight_smile:


Software: Maya

Finished model of the alien walker.


Software: Maya

Completed his face now textures. Yeah!


Very nice WIP BRAVO! Good luck in the challenge!:applause:


Alien walker is awesome - really like the grainy black and white render as well.

Good luck


Cool Story, Also really loving your Herb model.


Nice work, homie. Are you using SSS shaders on the Fat dude’s skin? I love the lighting. I will keep my Eye on you.