B-Movie Entry: Cyril Corallo


Oh my God !! :eek:
Pretty fantastic work !
I love all, the mood, the music, the animation.
One word : EXCELLENT !!!

(Vous avez assuré les gars. Je fais pitié à coté :slight_smile: )


Very cool entry, really love the art direction here, and to do everything in flash makes this piece unique. What I really like is the sound design, I can tell alot of time and effort went into it. I think few people realize how much atmosphere good sound design can add! I think you and I both benefited from having dedicated team members doing sound.


edited :slight_smile: sorry


Wow, what a fantastic work you’ve done.


albronwn:>i will tell the compliment to djo :slight_smile:

thx you robert and babette ! good luck to you


Good Job just want to say one thing C BON CA,
Cool desin for the Munny and all , like the hand in the spaceship, bref ça defonce.
Good luck


thx dude ! ( merci mec !, si t’as le temps, va voir le post de nos amis belge, le nom c’est “Bruno ISANA” ) ca m’a fait bien poilé , surtout vers la fin , faut bien prendre patience et tout regardé ^^ )


I’m pretty astonished by what you can do only with flash.
Good luck !


I made a mistake on a previous post, I said that I had to correct a problem of music in mono to a stereo version.
but the version I gave with the trailer and the making of is a MONO version.
THE ONLY STEREO version is the version in HD on www.rheo.fr which I mentioned the link in the previous post in question.
PLease Check this version , it’s exactly the same version of our final entry but in stereo ! djo did a great work with his own music and soundfx and i dont want to cut his work…
Sorry for that


nice work! you should consider submitting finished pieces to cartoon network or nickelodeon…the quality is definitely up there! :thumbsup:


You did it, and prtty well ! The best video entry IMO !

Bien joué les gars (et filles) ! La meilleure participation selon moi !


Hello guys,

I wish you good luck for this very fine achievement

Tres beau travail Cyril.



So cute entry. I love BW and SFX.
All the best !


thx you again , gpeper

ragdoll, thx you ,why not i dont know if they will answer something ^^

queen hostin, thx , and what is BW ?

PAscal casolari, thx you my friend, i wish you will be a part of the rheo freelancer association soon. and we have to lunch togather with max , next week, near eden :wink:


BW means Black and White.:cool:

I think queenhostin talks about black and white footages on screen in drive in.


Sure ! BW is Black and White.


Well Deserved win for your team. Congratulations :slight_smile:


Congratulations guys !! You rock this challenge !! :buttrock:

(Hé hé, votre film est de loin mon favori. Vous avez assuré les gars.
Félicitations ! ;). Vous l’avez bien mérité.)
(Allez, l’année prochaine c’est moi qui gagne :stuck_out_tongue: )

Congratulations !!! :buttrock:


thx all :slight_smile:

BebeteLANUITE->(vivement l’année prochaine alors :wink: en tout cas tu sais que j’ai adoré ton film et surtout l’humour potache qu’il s’en dégage :slight_smile: )

Please check it in HD here, because we have worked hard having an hd video in 2d. :



Thanks for the link, great piece, very good in every aspect… Love this style in animation, reminds me of Invader Zim at times. Hope to see more of your work in the future!