B-Movie Entry: Cyril Corallo


This is some of the coolest shit I have ever seen. Fantastic work.


Software: After Effects

Vocal recording for the score.

Romain,merci mec, ca motive à finir :wink:
Sergey, netsu , thx you guys, for your coments :slight_smile:

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this is one production that I have been following since the beginning. very professional work on all fronts. the visuals were themselves quite cool, but now I see that this will have a killer soundtrack, as well. keep up the good work!


Hey guys, it’s looking awesome.

I was wondering about your method for moving between Flash and AE. Would it be possible for you to cast some light on your workflow, such as how much of the fx/compositing is flash vs. ae, how your exporting from flash to AE (and if this is coming out frame-accurate for you, or are you not worried about that?).

I’ve seen lots of problems occur for people with Flash <-> AE without using 3rd party software to play out the individual frames, then there’s problems with alphas and layers being lost if certain effects are on, and also not being able to use movieclips etc.

Would love to here your opinions and any problems you’ve encountered because the product is looking very nice :slight_smile:


Looks great guys, congratulation! Can’t wait to see the final result!


Great job. I love lighting and details like dust etc.
Are you planning to cut it down and make teaser or just leave it as it is?


Software: After Effects,Flash

this is the WIp of the bg part.
hope you like it.

thx you again guys,i hope you will enjoy the final result :slight_smile:
axiomatic> i work in flash cs3, exporting in png and swf for animation.Easy workflow, but the only problem is the vectoriel himself ^^ :slight_smile:

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Software: Photoshop


In spooky colors !!

I have a question: DO we really have to make a 30 sec trailer of the trailer ?


30 sek trailer of the trailer is a teaser :slight_smile: I’d make so that in teaser you won’t show the bad guys but only devastation and horror of people.

btw on the poster i think yellow text would look better, but it’s your call :slight_smile:


Looks great man! I’m also trying to avoid making a 30s version… I asked on the FAQ section they said that that’s just a recommendation but you can try to ask again just to make sure…


Software: After Effects

This is our final making of.

Hope you like it

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Fantastic guys! Very professional made! Can’t wait to see the final entry :wink:


LOVE the sound!!!


Excellent work guys…Love the design and believe me i would like to see
an animated film with your point of view…



Software: After Effects,Flash

This is not djo’s music and sound fx, because he’s polishing the movie music and we don’t have much time for this little teaser.

the real music will be better , for sure ^^

And thank you all for your support that had a great motivation to finish ^^
sorry for my bad english

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Putain la claque !
Juste trop bien !

A real punch in the face ! Just the best animation I have ever in a CGsociety challenge !
The design, the animation, the camera angles and focuses, the compositing…
Every thing is a piece of art !
Great job guys !
I just can imagine the first place for you !

I hope to see more of your work soon and the final piece really quickly !
I wish you the best !


I agree with everyone else in saying that this is very well done with a great look and feel to it. Great job and good luck to you guys!


Your project is looking amazing. I love the art direction here, and all done in flash! Pretty crazy.


Special post just to thx you all for your support again :slight_smile: and to update the teaser.

There was an error in the teaser so , you can check the final version here


Very great job.
I love the atmosphere and mood.
Good job.