B-Movie Entry: Cyril Corallo


Software: After Effects,Flash

Thx for all :slight_smile:

animation test on p_03

Compositing come later

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More! More!


Looks very cool! Reminds me a bit of the Samurai Jack style of animation - the quick movements of the hands popping up and the hard edges. Keep it up!


Software: After Effects,Flash

p_03 final animation, but not the final compositing yet

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what can i say about this that hasnt been said before!?
this project is stunning, that last vid is fantastic! the look is top drawer, and the timing on that animations is really lovely!

great job guys.


Software: After Effects,Flash

Thx you very much guys !

p_07 final animation and compositing.

Hope you like it too :slight_smile:

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Software: After Effects,Flash

it’s the p_05 final compositing and animation

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very nice. I like the camera work on the last video here, and i like the overall design and colors.


That is sooooooo nice :smiley:


Pretty cool! nice style!


Your colors are probably my favorite of the competition…Really nice artwork!


Hello everyone
We are currently registered instruments for the soundtrack.

In the video you can hear the recording of the violin 5 string which will given the spooky atmosphere of fear in the music.

I hope you enjoyed it.

The music and sound fx are fully realized by Djo.

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Software: Flash

yeah !!!

Here you can see some animation thumb of some shot.

MAnu finished the charactere design part.

Djo is finishing the music and the sound fx.

i’ve finish the Background and the 2d animation part of the trailer and I’m trying to tweak the compositing and editing until the final music is finished.


Software: After Effects,Flash

This is still Wip.

The music here is just a place holder

Just here to help me finding a good rythme for the trailer.
it’s the “an american haunting’s” film music.

I’m focusing in compositing and editing now and Djo in the music and sound fx.

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Software: After Effects,Flash

Still WIP, still focusing in the global rythme

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amazing 2d style !!very cooooolll

do you have make it all in flash ?


This is looking so cool. I like most this side walk shot and those hand on moon background :slight_smile:
good luck on finish line!


digi55> thx digi, yes it’s full flash cs3, no photoshop here :wink:

Staszek> thx very much staszek :slight_smile: good luck to you too :slight_smile:


Yeees ca va être du lourd!
Allez les p’tits français!!


Amazing stuff! :applause: Good luck to you!